Sep 26, 2009

Free Fun!

So I know all of you guys love saving money. Yeah, right! But I've discovered a few ways for you other GAB's to save for your future and have fun at the same time!

I like to call it 'Free Fun'... There are tons of places to look for this type of fun, and many ways to create free fun!

My biggest issue is being in a relationship with both of us being full time college students, paying for tuition and books. I won't lie, it is hard to find a deal for dates. And it's even harder trying to do fun things on a budget; you feel restricted! So here's a laundry list of things to try with your significant other or friends, your choice:

1. People in college towns- there is ALWAYS some type of function going on on campuses. Most of them are free and open to the public. Try an open mic night or karaoke bar.

2. Some cities have lawn movies. Just make sure to bring a comfy blanket and pillows, or lawn chairs. If you own a laptop or portable DVD player, you can create your own lawn movie at a local park with movies that you already own.

3. A lot of cities or towns are near bodies of water, both large and small. Take a walk along the water, or skip rocks across a river. If you're into fishing like me, invest in a fishing license.

4. The fall is here, which means winter is almost here. Check out a local cafe for free music by local artists/bands.

5. What girl doesn't love mani/pedi days??? My girls and I do this on a regular. We set aside an evening to have virgin daiquiris, watch chick flicks and do AMAZING pedicures! Don't forget the cute polishes that you can make using colors that you already own.

6. Free fun can actually put money in your pocket. If you have talent, enter into a talent show. In this case, you could win money and have fun!

Basically what I'm saying is that you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to have fun. In some cases, you don't have to spend much of anything. That money that you're saving could be used to treat yourself to something really nice down the road!

What are some other ways to have free fun? What type of activities go on in your area that are relatively inexpensive? I'd really like to know :-)
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Sep 18, 2009

Where Has GAB Gone?

No worries followers! GAB is currently getting things together. I'm adjusting to working full-time and taking 2 classes, on top of trying to maintain a healthy relationship with my boyfriend.

I'll be back on Monday with personal updates, date ideas and an unbelievable way to make a bad day work out for the better ;-)

Stay tuned!
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Sep 13, 2009

Blogger's Block

I don't know about you other bloggers out there, but it's hard to maintain two blogs. Here I am trying to blog for my University, as well as my personal life as a GAB. This has been one of the toughest feats of my life.

Here's why: Blogging for the school has been an incredible experience. I walk around campus and find things to blog about instantly. Things that I would have ignored had it not been for my opportunity to share with others. I can capture animals in still life, photography... the best way to capture life's small moments. I can document the bloom of a rose outside of the library, or the falls of the Rouge River right behind the Henry Ford Estate. Or, the fascinating student-ran functions on campus. There was always something... when I was there.

Now that I'm working a full-time job, I am beginning to feel the distance created between myself and my University. It is a distance that I have never felt. It is the feeling of almost being a graduate. It is the feeling of soon losing something that helped to mold me. Therefore, I barely have anything to talk about. We're only required to blog once a week, but I'll try my hardest to write down every experience that I had while being active on campus and blog about it later. Having this list will give me much to talk about! There is no way that I've crammed my entire college career into a few posts over the past year (this is my second year blogging for the University).

My personal blog, this one, is important to me as well. It's like my online journal, there to vent to. Here for my excitement and happiness. This is what I want to do... entertain my readers with drama, laughter and real-life experiences. It gives me fulfillment (aside from dancing <3), and is an outlet for future reflection. I hope everyone who reads both of my blogs can gain from my mistakes and successes the same things that I have.


Sep 9, 2009

GAB Rant: Don't Take Advantage of Me!

GAB Rant is where I'll rant and rave about minor and/or major occurrences that I experience around the office- or near the office, on a somewhat day-to-day basis! Enjoy :-)

Until today, I seriously thought that I was the only one in the office whom the person 'above' me on the totem pole pushed all of the work on.

I went to lunch with the other intern. She turns out to be silly just like me, and I think we'll become really good friends after spending so much time together at work.

Anywho, to the matter at hand. Our supervisor basically pawns all of HER work off on us. Before we can finish our current tasks, she's already signing us up for other things to do. This afternoon she told me that I'd be alphabetizing 10,000 student refund checks. Are you kidding me??? I didn't sign up for this type of work, and if I recall correctly that's her job anyway!

Seriously, she sits at her desk all day emailing her friends about her failed attempts at getting pregnant, and texting on the phone. She laughs all day long, when no one ever says anything funny. Oh, oh, oh! Then last night she did the work that I normally do in the morning when I first come in. There are two steps to this part of my job, in which she failed to do the second portion. When I asked her about it, she told me that that was my job. I'M WELL AWARE OF WHAT MY JOB ENTAILS. Therefore don't do my work if you're going to do it in its entirety and then look at me like I'm stupid! I don't have time to go back and figure out what she did and didn't do; especially since I'm doing all of her work anyway!

It really urks me when people try to take advantage of interns. We are there to learn and build on our current skills and knowledge. Not to be slaved by other workers, or talked down to. I really don't understand it. But then again, many of the people that I work with have never worked as an intern. Therefore, they have no idea what it is like to be at the bottom.

I wish they'd get a clue though.

Sep 8, 2009

GAB's W.O.W- They May Never Know...

GAB's W.O.W is a monthly feature that will provide insight into a particular issue, and maybe help some of my readers. These will usually be things that affect myself or people around me. Enjoy!

Sometimes it's hard for people who've never had to struggle to understand a person who's struggling...

I know this to be true because I once had to have this conversation with my boyfriend. It was one of our more difficult arguments. One day I mentioned to him that I started to save money. Given my financial circumstances for the past 3 years or so, I was proud to say that to him. However, our levels of understanding the term 'saving' were a bit skewed. It meant a lot to me to place my entire paycheck into my savings account and not have to worry about paying any bills late, because this time they'd been paid early :-)

That is one of the ways in which I struggle. Like many other college students, I struggle to juggle bills and pay for books/tuition. I drive a used car that I pay a note on, so we know that that costs money each year. My mom and I basically take care of my grandmother and are responsible for getting her to work every day. It's a lot; more than what my bf vouches for. I'm not saying this is a negative manner, we just live two different lives. I have my issues and he has his.

So, last night when I overheard his younger bro's gf crying because of her situtation, I wanted to console her. She went on to tell his little bro that she wishes that he had to deal with the things that she deals with. I understand where she's coming from. You want the person you're in love with to understand you; in a sense you want for the two of you to walk in the same shoes. But in all actuality, things will never be that way. The ones who struggle will never understand why people are selfish and self-consumed, and vice versa.

It is really something hard to deal with, and the resolution comes with time. When you are 100% happy with your life, there will be no need to be flustered about things and soon those tears will be of joy. We have to appreciate the life we were given, and remember where we came from. Only then will we be appreciative of where we're going in life.
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Sep 5, 2009

Mobile & Email Blogging

Guess what my lovely followers?!?! I finally figured out how to blog from my phone and email! As a matter of fact, this post is from my Blackberry!!

So now there will be more posts throughout the day... Just to keep you guys entertained :-)

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First Week = Success!

My first week of work was great! But some of the questions that students ask are just ridiculous! I don't know how many times this week I've heard: "where is my refund check?" I mean, seriously, I'm starting to think that students are only going to school so that they can get a refund check. Not thinking about the fact that they'll actually have to pay that money back in the future.

Anywho, I've been learning a great bit of information and am asking less questions than I did on the first and second day. I think after next week, I'll be good to go. Classes start for me next week as well; I have two classes that both meet once a week UGH! One of my professors even sent the syllabus out two weeks in advance, so yes I already have homework. Go figure!

On the bright side, I have an amazing internship to look forward to each day, and I'm more equipped for the upcoming semester than ever. I think I've finally learned how to study LOL!
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Sep 2, 2009

GAB sees Bling!

I figured I'd see weird things everyday at my new internship, or rather odd things I should say!

Our office is located in the basement of the building (no sunlight, eh?!), between the registration office and the financial aid office. Therefore, we see just about every student that makes their way into the basement of the building. There are also computer labs and the student ID photo booth down there, so it's jam-packed from 7a until well after I leave at 4:30p!

For these past three days, I've been learning a mix of jobs. Mostly the job of the last intern whose last day was yesterday, and the remainder dealing with students who have questions about their accounts. While sitting at the window yesterday, I seriously thought I was looking at something off of a VH1 reality show or something. It was roughly 75 degrees outside, and not a cloud in the sky. Why was there a girl wearing rubber rain boots??? I'm sorry, and I'm no fashionista, but dress appropriately or run the risk of looking like a complete idiot!

No doubt her rain boots were multi-colored to match her radical baby doll tee... but she also had on one of these bracelets in every color that was on her boots. Red, pink, dark green, lime green, yellow, orange, blue, sky blue, etc. I mean, she seriously bought out the beauty supply store of all of their rinky-dink bracelets. And I know these came from the beauty supply because I laughed at them one day when I saw them, thinking to myself "what person would really wear this clunky mess on their risk?", rolled my eyes and kept going. Obviously, she LOVES them!

That made my day LOL!
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