Jul 31, 2010

Bloggerstock: 1 Postcard, 1 Person

Hi ya'll! My name is EmDottie. I'm being featured on GAB's blog today because of this thing called Bloggerstock. It's basically where bloggers pick a topic and do an orchestrated guest blog web ring thingamajing. Engineer in Heels is guest posting over on my blog. This months topic is about writing a person (dead or alive) a postcard. There are too many interesting people that have come and gone that I'd like to communicate with. I mean, Malcolm X,Marilyn Monroe, MLKJ, Cleopatra, Moses, Obama, Bill Gates, Spike Lee...

I wrecked my brain for a quick second to figure out who I wanted to write. In middle school I did a book report on Hatshepshut (one of the very few successful female pharaohs of Egypt) and I've been obsessed with becoming the ruler of the world ever since. (Probably doesn't help that my ancestors are from Egypt anyway. I could've been related to King Tut or something, haha.) She ruled for about twenty two years. One of the more interesting parts of the story is when her step-son Thutmose ends up killing her. Nobody knows for sure, there wasn't enough evidence to prove that he killed her, then there are stories that said he poisoned her. (Sounds like some soap opera type stuff if ya ask me)...

ANYWAY, so if I could write a postcard to her, this is what I would write:

Dearest Hatshepsut,

How ya doin?! So I wanted to pick your brain about ruling the country. (I plan on running the planet one day and I need some advice.) How did you deal with your son trying to kill you? (Well- obviously not that well...) What tips would you give a young girl hell bent on ruling the world? If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently? Who should I keep as my right hand man or should I have one? Have I missed anything? Do inform.

Thanks Hatsy!


Ok I probably won't call her Hatsy but that's a long ass name to include on a 3x5 postcard mmkay?
So sound off. Who would you try to contact if you could? What would you ask?

Thanks EmDottie for such a hilarious post, and do check out her blog. It is very interesting, cool layout, some of THEE best topics!!! To see who I'd write, check out The Ginge... like NOW :-)

Jul 30, 2010

GAB Rant: Nasty Mess

So the other day, I'm being nosey over in my coworker's cube... I mean, I was really looking for a pair of scissors.

See, she's been out of the office for 2 weeks... 1 week on vacation, 1 week at another one of our locations. However, in between her 1 week vacation and 1 week of work, she stopped by the office to "check up on some things".

 Yes, that is what we call here in America mold

So you mean to tell me that she didn't see this shit sitting next to her keyboard like I did? Or she just didn't care to clean it up? I'm still trying to figure out how you leave a half cup of coffee on your desk pre-vacation. I like order and cleanliness, and my coffee cup is of importance to me. I like a clean coffee cup when I walk into work, I hate disgusting ass coffee rings in my cup, and I despise people who have the mentality that there-was-coffee-in-it-before-so-I-can-just-add-more-coffee-on-top-of-the-gross-rings-and-yesterdays-last-bit-of-coffee!

I mean, to each it's own... but there is a such thing as cubicle etiquette, even when it's your own cubicle. Don't believe me? Check out the forum I started about cubicle etiquette at 20somethingbloggers. If you're not a member already, you probably should be. I'm just saying :-)

Jul 17, 2010

100th Post = Amazing Giveaways

See bottom of post...

So, remember back in March when I posted the 100 Random Factoids about GAB? Well, if you scroll allll the way down to #101 you'll see that I mentioned a giveaway to celebrate my 100th post, so here it is!

To show my appreciation for all of my readers, all of the comments that you make, all of the insight that you give, all of your friends that you send over to my blog to follow me... I'm giving away $100 worth of prizes today. That's right... $100 big smackaroos!

Now, why would I have such a huge giveaway? Well, first off my blog gives me an immense amount of inspiration. It is usually an email that I receive or a comment that someone left that fuels my new topics. Secondly, this isn't a giveaway blog... so a once-in-a-while giveaway is perfectly fine with me. I'm not in the business of luring people by giving things away, otherwise I'd be doing this all the time. I'm not looking for additional clicks, because I don't advertise on my blog (except for my own personal ads, hehe). I love to be associated with, even if it is through my blog, with relatable people that appreciate my content. 100 posts is a definite milestone for me, and I appreciate all of you who have followed me on my journey and will continue to read what I have to say!

Enough with the gibberish... here's what I'm giving away:

 1 Year Subscription to my fav magazine, COSMO

 (I love LC, hence the cover of her and not Britney Spears)

One of my favorite books, one that I live by- On My Own Two Feet by Manisha Thakor... def must read

$20 gift card to Panera Bread

$15 gift card to Walmart

Here's how you can win one of these awesome prizes... simply comment on this post. It could be anything about GAB, something you love about my blog... something you dislike about it... what you'd like to see more of... topics that interest you that you'd like featured... Just comment, and you'll be entered into the drawing (random generator). Tell your friends about it, link to this giveaway through your blog, post it on your FB page, or twitter... whatever!

Giveaway ends Friday, July 23rd 30th, 2010 at 11:59 EST.

Jul 16, 2010

There's Nothing Like a Challenge

It's hard being at the bottom of the totem pole... bottom of the barrel... bottom of the food chain... being the intern, that is. Being the ONLY intern. But I guess I'm better off than the temps since I'm actually on the company's payroll.

Speaking of temps, there's one in our department who has been there since January. He's kinda like the permanent temporary employee, so to speak. Bad thing is, well bad for him... good for me- I'm taking all of his work, which means that sooner than later he'll be getting the boot. On top of that, there were 5 positions open in our department; 4 of which have been filled by newcomers. The 5th by me... so, where does that leave permanent temp??? Hitchhiking on the side of Corporate Dr. It's definitely an awkward feeling knowing that everything that you are learning once belonged to someone else, and that person is slowing watching their responsibilities and duties being taken away from them. Soon, they'll be taking his laptop and stapler away from him. Poor permanent temp :-(

Well, I get an invite to a meeting about 3 days ago informing me that I'd be taking over some account reconciliations, and will be responsible for them this month forward. There are 6 accounts to be exact; I guess they believe in my capabilities enough to give me such a significant amount of work to do. So I get into the meeting today, and it played out just as I thought it would. Everything was basically laid out for me.. the basic format, what to look for, the file paths, etc. I won't lie, I was excited. This is the first real accounting duty that I've had. The past 4 weeks that I've been at MC, it's basically been file maintenance, scanning, disposing of and transferring fixed assets. But now, I have a true responsibility each month- my 6 reconciliations are kinda like my babies. I have to look over them and maintain what happens to them, nurture them... feed them with journal entries, and clean up after their mistakes.

It wasn't until about 1.5 hrs into the 2 hour meeting that my adrenaline rush was stabbed in the neck with a sharp, unidentifiable object. Remember being a kid and after misbehaving, you have your game taken from you or you're told that you can't go play outside. Yea, that's how I felt when I was told that 4 of my babies were cake walks... simply plug and chug recon's, copy and pasting formulas. No real investigative work going on there. So I'm sitting there with 4 super easy recon's and 2 that will kick my ass come Monday.

It almost felt like they were taking my job back from me. Weird, I know... one cool thing though is that one of my accounts is an accrued litigation account ~aka~ a pending lawsuit that I'll be monitoring!

Hmmm... I'm definitely looking forward to that, and the return of my boss who I'm sure will have plenty for me to do since she's been out of the office for the past 4 days!

Jul 13, 2010

TOAR: Crash Course to Corporate TAKEOVER!!!

For all of my readers who are wondering who the hell TOAR is, she's one of my good friends from college. We both have interesting blogs/lives, at least that's what we like to think hehe! Sporadically, we're going to tag each other's blogs with stories guest posts. So, everyone raise your champagne glasses to TOAR's first post on GAB!

Hey Everybody!

I just want to thank GAB for letting me use her blog for my random writing chaos that you will read in a few seconds (or minutes depending on how slow you are lol jk) My name is Lynn and my "webhome" is Thoughts of a Randomista. I am a 21 year old college student studying Financial Accounting/Reporting and Accounting Information Systems... (we have fights frequently because crap doesn't like to balance, URGH!) Anyway, I like to blog about Twilight ♥TEAM EDWARD ♥, Movies and Entertainment, Relationships, and Random-Disgusting-Raunchy-EMO-Hilarious things that may come across my path while living in a big city like Detroit, Michigan - which happens frequently. In a nut shell: I talk shit. GAB and I have been friends for about 3 years and have taken countless accounting classes together. I don't know what I would have done without her. Now she is off making ARAB MONEY without me. (No racial pun intended, it's just that yall are ballin').

Now, back to what's important: CORPORATE FRICKIN' TAKEOVER!?

I have been interning at a HUGE not-for-profit company in Southfield, MI as a Business Process Analyst. There are 4 other interns in the department with me: Gina, Karen, Bill, and James. Gina, Karen, and James are GREAT to work with but Bill, yeah – I'll talk about him in a few. Gina and I are like best fricking friends now! You know when you are around someone so much you get annoyed? Not with her – It's easy as Sunday morning, especially considering we share a cube.

The company had a tornado drill in the first week to "protect its employees in case of an emergency." It was great not only because "it was for safety precautions," but because we were all stuck in a stairwell for about 15 mins and I got meet a lot of new people within the first day! You know- the average 'BIG WIGS' lol. We also had a lot of reading to do to get caught up on current business processes. BORING. We recently finished the planning phase for a big project mandate by getting locked in a room for days to "tie up loose ends."

When you are stuck in a room…..
With the same people…
For 5 days…
You start to notice things.

For example, a contractor named Nick has to disagree with everything – kinda like Bill who I will cut a new hole into in a short while. Nick and I had a tiny conflict because as you know I am an intern, bottom of the barrel, and apparently with a "TREAT ME LIKE SHIT" sign stuck on my frickin' forehead. I'd been talking to Nick and it seemed as if he isn't paying attention – which was cool with me; at this point, I didn't care. Then he just blurted out "I am paying attention to you." I said, "Ok….." and continued with my thought. Then this dumbass states "I act like an ass when I don't care about what people are saying to me." In a very assertive-I'm-gonna-kill-you-bitch-firm voice while looking him dead in the eyes, I said: "Ok, well you might want to listen to what I have to say." He looked terrified and shocked because I am an intern and I shouldn't have said anything. HAHAHA – HOW MUCH RESPECT DID I EARN THIS DAY!?

So I do not like Nick already and since he has to disagree with EVERYTHING, it didn't make it better that he obviously hates interns. In this room, he disagrees with the new ideas or old ideas that needed to be validated, he would look around the room as if he is looking for someone's approval or to see if anyone is agreeing with him. But OMG, DON'T LET THE NUMBERS BE WRONG! Another contractor Greg– his subordinate, made a table and some of the numbers were off by a little. He asks Greg "Did Bill come up with these numbers?" WDF, just because he is an intern doesn't mean that they are wrong because he did it! Everyone wanted to continue viewing the table to get the basic understanding of it and Nick would not let Greg hear the end of the wrong numbers. Every five seconds – "those numbers are wrong so we can't make a clear decision." "Since the numbers are wrong…" "the numbers are wrong…"

Anywho, Bill and I attend the same school. Thankfully, I never had a class with him because he would get on my damn nerves there too. Bill is the guy that is so analytical, he can't have fun. He asks questions about everything. "Why did you do that?" "Why can't you do it this way?" "Why do you laugh at ridiculously long-words-that-no-normal-human being-can-physically-pronounce-and-you-don't-know-the-meaning-to?" – Because bitch, it's funny.

It's what, why, how with him all the time – it pisses me off. Bill asked me "Why is your facebook private?" I told him that in all honesty (this is a true statement) I have hater's and stalkers that like to do mean things to me on facebook. Then He asks "why? Do you have something on there you don't want anyone to see?" My response to this was, no! It's nothing like that – I just like to be in control over who see's what and who adds me as a friend. This is the obvious answer, right?

WRONG! This dude said "You must be insecure."

WDF am I supposed to do with that?! Bill almost died that day.

What I learned about the Corporate world is - - Everyone is an Asshole. There are BIG assholes and little ones. But the real challenge is:

Are you going to let someone RAPE YOURS? Hahaha.
Thanks for reading. Follow/ Comment... It makes us horny!

Jul 10, 2010

Life on My Own...

Who ever thought that I'd spend majority of my day, aside from being at work, browsing websites and apartment shopping instead of actually shopping for myself... i.e. like clothes... I have a huge walk-in closet, enough space for 4 of my wardrobes, which makes me want to cry everyday since I can't fill it with fun, fabulous clothes right now.

Instead, I'm covering my dry erase fridge calendar with bill due dates, and huge green $$ notes to encourage me to keep going. There isn't much I love about living alone, aside from coming and going as I please. But I did that anyway... I LOVE grocery shopping and cleaning up. Basically, I love being domesticated. I've been here almost 2 weeks and the only things I've cooked on my stove are eggs, bacon, and boiled Ramen noodles. I finally used the oven today to warm up last nights pizza. Whhooooooooo! Making progress.

And it is a little scary being alone, 100% of the time. Sometimes I catch myself watching the clock, wondering how I could possibly be so lonely out here. Granted I love the fact that this is all mine, it is super damn boring. There are no clubs, no scenes to join, no cliques, not even a decent mall for miles. Even with my best friend here, it's still kinda lame since she's studying 90% of the time.

I spent the first 11 nights here with the living room light on and the ironing board pushed up against my door. That only put me more on edge, so I exerted my freedom and ability to live alone by removing the ironing board and finally turning off the light.

Value City pissed me off yesterday by only delivering one piece of my sectional... what kind of mess is that? They better have a free lamp, or table vase for the inconvenience. On a lighter note, I just love my job! I definitely couldn't have asked for anything more. And the fact that I can come home on my lunch break, eat a sandwich, take a 45 minute nap and still return to my desk on time is the best thing in the world.

PS- Central air is the ish :-)

Love, GAB!
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