Feb 22, 2010

GAB Update

For those of you missing the GAB life... I'm taking a leave of absence until next week- maybe Sunday. I'm in the process of studying for a kick-ass biology exam and moving. Wish me luck at both :-)

Feb 18, 2010

GAB Defined...

What is a GAB? How can you distinguish a GAB from just an ordinary chick? These are some of the common questions that are associated with the name of my blog. Let me explain...

In my opinion, I'm special. We all think very highly of ourselves, or at least try to. At one point or another in my life, I struggled with self-esteem, anger issues, stress, depression, anxiety. All of the above! What distinguished my problems from others' were the fact that all of these feelings were stemming from situations that were/are out of my control. So I had to come to the realization that I can't change other people, or circumstances that I didn't create. Knowing this, my entire mindset changed. I began to care more about myself and things that directly impact my life. I gained more control over my destiny, and all of my goals began to line up for me. Everything became very clear, and the steps needed to reach those goals are now in ink.

So why GAB? With everything that us women have to deal with on a regular basis, why not be all about your business? The name doesn't exclusively mean business, as in work. But school, relationships, finances, any element that directly affects your well-being. We have to be in control of things, we have to handle each situation in a unique manner, and a GAB knows how to do just that. She knows how to work the cards in her favor. She knows how and when to get things done. She pays the bills on time, and if she can't- she doesn't make excuses for it. She goes to work eager to learn and to help. She volunteers her time. She helps others who are in need. She wakes up early and goes to bed late... you can sleep when you die. If she needs to catch the bus, she does it. If she needs to ask for a ride, she does that too.

When her car is running funny, she knows to check the oil. She knows of alternatives to making money. This GAB tutors as a means of making some extra dough. Even if it's just $20, it counts. I'm in a committed relationship, so that means helping the person that I love. If you want to be a part of someone elses life, you have to create the necessity for yourself to be in that persons life. I'm am one support-giving, loving machine. I enjoy every minute of it, knowing that when he calls- I am there and vice versa!

Simply put, a GAB is a girl who knows the path that she wants to take in life, and has a GPS to help her get to her destination. This can apply to guys as well- Guy About Business. We don't discriminate. If you're making moves for the betterment of your life, more power to you!

I want to know what makes you fabulous... what makes you a driven woman or man... what inspires you... what makes you a true GAB?

Feb 16, 2010

It's 70 Degrees, and It's Snowing

Don't you hate it when a supervisor comes down on you for nonsense? I know I do, so let me tell you what has been bothering me....

This term, our supervisor hired a new intern (Intern A) that seemed a little incompetent when he first started. Remember the know it all that didn't know too much of anything? Yea, him. Anywho, Intern B left our office to work for the back office in January, leaving me with Intern A and a pile of work. It was so much easier when Intern B worked with me; we helped each other out and were both very fast learners. We knew this office inside-and-out within a week and a half of being here. Needless to say, I miss her dearly. We keep in touch through weekly lunch dates and frequent emailing, but it just isn't the same without her (insert tear drop).

Since I've had little to no help these past 5 weeks from Intern A, I've been busting my ass around here. Doing hundreds of manual adjustments, helping at the window, answering phone calls, the list goes on and on. Running from one end of the office to the other to help people. Not to mention we have a new full-time lady, who's taking someone elses job here and that someone else is actually training her! How is it that 2 weeks ago, there was no funding to accomodate a new full-time employee but all of a sudden there is? From my knowledge, budgets don't work that way (insert thumbs down)! To sum up that mess, there's a lot of drama going on around here and too much whispering for my liking. I work in an office full of women who aren't satisfied with their job or their weight, and wants everyone else to feel the pain. I'm sorry, but DO NOT RAIN ON MY PARADE... EVERYDAY! It's so pathetic to be subjected to moaning and groaning every single day that you come to work. And you wonder why I'm on the first thing smoking when my shift is over. Please don't ask me to stay late, because chances are I won't! Period.

I may sound like a bitchy GAB right now, but trust me- my complaints are VERY valid.

Well, yesterday at 6:15p (office closed at 6:30p) I was attempting to close out my browser when my supervisor walked behind my desk. Now this is the same supervisor that told me it was OK to get online during our downtime. Everyone else does it, so I saw no harm. It's not like I'm some crazed internet-junky that can't help but to be online all day. Most of the time I'm reading my textbooks online, or just listening to music. Helloooooooooooo! I am an intern, which means I am in school. Sometimes I need to see what the hell is going on in my classes, since most of my day is eaten up in this POS office! She suggests to my coworker (who doesn't do anything herself, since I do all of her work. No joke) that I might need some work to do. My response, "No, I don't". Plain and simple. Some people don't know how to appreciate anyone or anything. If I wasn't here, this office would be in complete shambles. But I continue to get the short end of the stick. Not on my time sweetie! I'm going to continue to do what I do, until my very last day here. If they want a different response from me, then I should be getting a different response from them.

For any other interns out there, don't let employers give you their ass to kiss. It's not fair to you, and it's not fair to the organization in which they 'manage'... better term, micro-manage! Also, if your job description consists of them pawning off their work onto you, then the job probably isn't worth it. So I wouldn't suggest asking for a full-time stint after the internship is over. Granted they pay me well, I'd rather be somewhere where my work is appreciated and my boss isn't a flaky as a box of Kellogg's Cornflakes.

Who else is going through this? Let's have a bitch-fest!

Feb 14, 2010

Back Down Memory Lane...

Remember my post about giving my job the boot? Well, if not let me recap for you! Last June I accepted an internship with AH, and in July I interviewed for an internship through my college at CC. I got the internship, accepted it and have been there since August 30, 2009. Before my departure from AH, my supervisor told me that if I ever needed a job or recommendation for a job or anything else that would land me a great position postgrad, to give him a call. Well, it's about that time as my 8-month stint at CC is coming to a close at the end of April.

So I emailed my supervisor at AH, and was informed (to my surprise) that they are in the process of developing a new position and that I would be the *ideal candidate* for this position. I took that comment wholeheartedly, and told him to keep me in line with the happenings. That was almost 2 weeks ago, and although I have yet to hear anything back from him I'm sure that he has me in mind and is lining up interviews and such cause he's the man!

Am I excited to go into property management accounting? Not exactly, but it's a start. That's how we find out what it is that we truly love to do in life. I don't believe that anyone walks into a job and falls completely in love with every aspect of their job description. It takes time, it takes growth, and perseverance. There are some things that I absolutely couldn't stand about AH, and there are some things that I hate about CC, but those dislikes I've learned to deal with and found a way to get around it.

On the flipside, I am fortunate enough to be one of the few college students who can actually graduate on Sunday and start working a salaried job on Monday. It may not be the best start, to work backwards, but in my opinion this place can open a lot of doors for me. It's all about networking people, so yes- I will carry around a planner and business cards with me EVERYWHERE that I go :-)

Feb 12, 2010

Getting Wild on Friday

Let me tell you- when my work day is dragging, like today unfortunately, I turn on Pandora and jam out... literally :-)

If you don't know about Pandora, and weren't interested I'm going to tell you anyway. It's a customizable music site. You create an account, find your favorite artists, create a station or get down to a QuickMix of all of your stations. It's like iTunes on crack, and very addicting. My only issue with this site is that you can only listen to 40 hours of music for free per month. Once I hit that mark, I head over to CBS Radio and listen to live streaming radio stations.

I work in a fish bowl. You know, the office that's encased in glass so that every moron that walks pass has a bird's eye view of your desk. I hate it, ABSOLUTELY HATE IT. Why??? Because those morons that I just mentioned, both male and female, will gawk, point, smile, wink, signal me to exchange numbers and the like... enough said. So when I crank on my music, I'm in an entirely different environment. Also as if I'm in an office by myself, with the door locked and closed. You may catch me snapping my fingers to Taylor Swift or bobbing my head side-to-side to Alicia Keys or Trey Songs. That's just what I do... and I love it :-)

P.S. If you own a Blackberry, you can download Pandora and enjoy it with no stipulations- unlimited access!

If you have a hard time getting through your workday and music is allowed in your office, try out this site. It'll make you smile, and before you know it the day will be gone. What are some things that you do to get through a rough workday or week?

Feb 10, 2010

The Thanks I Get...

If you haven't had a laugh today, I'm sure this will do it for you. It did it for me. After waking up at 7am to find out that both work and school were closed AGAIN (snow day #2), I took it upon myself to finish up start this 500 word essay that's due tomorrow. I had it all planned out yesterday before leaving campus. Here's that incredible plan:

Being a little pessimistic, I assumed that our school would be open since they rarely declare inclement weather as a snow day. At the same time, I work next door and figured they'd close the school that I work at since they don't have as much manpower/equipment to plow through all of that snow. So I planned to have the day off to head to the schools library and check out a few books and read a few journal articles. After reviewing this material, I was going to write a slamming paper about membrane structures (ick). I would listen to my recorded lectures, and get ahead in my reading for class.

Yeah, about that plan... turns out both school and work were closed, meaning no access to the library. This left me perusing the web for HOURS to find credible primary sources for this essay. Man, that was hard! Luckily our school has access to tons, literally they spend millions a year, of online journals. What was supposed to take roughly 3-4 hours, turned into a 7-hour-long process. Needless to say, I needed one of those naps that I planned to cut out.

This is usually the time when my boyfriend feels the need to make fun of me, or take random pictures of my sleeping and send them to my phone. Here is the result of my nap today...

Yea, GAB had a down moment. I don't normally look like this, I promise... Come on now, it was a snow day!

If you're wondering what that sign says above my head...

Lmao, I think it's hilarious that he considers my naps to be "bummy"... 

Am I the only one dealing with a guy who loves to catch my off moments? If only you could see the picture he took of me about an hour ago! What does your boyfriend/girlfriend do to you when you're not looking?

Feb 9, 2010


If you are in your 20s, and aren't a member of 20 Something Bloggers yet, please jump on the bandwagon!!!!! It's a whole new way to find blogging buddies, share experiences, contests and motivation. They also have 'Featured Blogger of the Month' similar to Blogs of Note here on Blogger, but for an entire month... Not just a day :-) Nominate your favorite blog, and vote for others :-)

Snow Day on Exam Day

Sunday, yes Sunday, I decided to skip out on work on Tuesday (today) in an effort to study the day away for my Equity exam and catch up on some other work/readings. Everything has gone as planned so far. I called in sick this morning i.e. sick of going to work, not a physical illness. So, since 9am I've been at school, doing graphs in Excel, marching to class, and back and forth between computer labs. But guess what?! I skipped out on work only to have our campus close at 4pm, meaning my 6pm exam has been postponed until next Tuesday! Yes, an entire extra week to study! Not to say that I haven't been doing so already, but I am very grateful for the extra time.

Don't think that I wasn't punished today for not attending work. As I pulled out of the McDonald's drive thru, my mouth began to water profusely. I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around the straw of my large sweet tea. What a relief it would have been. But since I live in crappy Michigan, and it decided to snow today, my $80 boots from Baker's Shoes decided to slip under my car door sending both my hash brown and sweet tea flying all over my jeans and car door! UGH absolute disgust :-( Not to mention that my gloves were drenched in sugary-sweet tea since my nail decided to puncture the Styrofoam cup... not the first time this has happened.

Not exactly a winter wonderland!

But I get to spend the rest of my day with my lovely boyfriend, playing video games and recovering from my *illness* so that I can return to my regular scheduled program.


Anywho, how do you spend your bad-weather days? I use mine as an excuse to dine-out, spend money and take naps?

Feb 7, 2010

Very Inexpensive Date!

My boyfriend pays for tuition and books right out of his pocket, with his cash flow coming from a nice part-time job and other savings that he has accumulated in his 23 years of living. Well, when school is in I can rarely count on him planning a date. Recently I've been the one planning all of the dates, in an effort to keep the bliss going as well as to continue exploring new and exciting things together. The last thing I want my boyfriend to feel is that we can only have fun on his bill. That's not the case at all.

After a long morning/afternoon of listening to lectures (yes, it's very beneficial) he BBMed me and asked if it was OK if we went on a date later on. I figured he had something up his sleeve, like a double-date with his friends or something because like I said- he rarely requests dates. But I was excited... Finally the pressure has been taken off of my shoulders when it comes to 'what are we going to do tonight?' He decided on the movies, and as far as I knew there wasn't much playing that I had an interest in seeing other than When In Rome and some other random chick flick that I can't remember the name of.

I arrived at his house around 6:30p, and the last showing of When In Rome was 7p. I hadn't eaten anything for quite some time, and needed a quick fix. So we made a stop at my best friend Ronald's place, McDonalds. Needless to say, I smuggled my 6-piece nugget Mighty Kids meal into the AMC 20 Theater, along with a large sweet tea. Don't believe me??? Check this out!

Being the hard worker that he is, my boyfriend's employer gave him 2 free admission tickets to the AMC theaters. I told you he had to have something up his sleeve. Anywho, to my surprise the movie was actually very cute and funny, and no one suspected my smuggling although that was an ill-shaped belly I was sporting last night! Very frugal... Good times!

What are some inexpensive dates that you've had? Have you ever smuggled things into the high-priced movie theaters?

Feb 4, 2010

Apartment Hunting

Yes, you read correctly... GAB has been apartment hunting for the past month, and I have to admit it is very exciting! This coming from someone who still enjoys nights in with her mommy, I found it time to begin a new, adventurous life away from mommy. So for 2 straight days, my boyfriend and I ran from Canton, to Westland, to Livonia, to Farmington Hills, to Northville (Michigan) and back scouring apartment complexes in the snow. A few were very disappointing, just not up to our standards of living. We're not snobs or anything, we both firmly believe that you get what you pay for. So yea, I'll pay a little extra a month in order to live a comfortable life.

We found one very cozy little place not too far from home, in the middle of suburbia surrounded by beautiful lakes and trees. $590/month including water! In my opinion, you just can't beat that. The kitchens are upgraded and there is enough closet and storage space for our needs. We're allowed to hang pictures and paint, which a lot of places don't allow. Private entrances, olympic-sized swimming pool, access to fitness room 24/7, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, along with access to use the fully-equipped clubhouse at no charge. Oh, and free wireless internet access! These amenities are hard to come by, so we've both made our decision on location.

Next up is... furniture. Between us, we own a computer desk, night stands, lamps, a small bookshelf and a new bed. We recently visited Ikea to look at living room furniture and dining room table sets. We're pretty much set; the only thing left to do is actually apply for the apartment and decide who's going to be responsible for which portion of the bills. As a courtesy to my boyfriend, since I'm graduating before him I agreed to take on the rent until he graduates and he'll cover the utilities and groceries. Once he graduates, things will be 50/50.

I want to share with you all a few photos of the apartment along with some tidbits on how we (I, used firmly) plan to decorate our first place!

Nice bathroom, clean colors will be used.

You can't see the wall due to the angle of the picture, but I'm thinking of painting one wall of the dining room an accent color. Not sure which color yet though!

Can't do much here, but a few pictures and matching towels. But the kitchen is very nice!

The bedroom will work fine as is. Maybe a nice aerial rug and few pictures will do.

Let me know what you guys think of our soon-to-be new place!

Feb 3, 2010

Here Goes Nothing!

Soon enough I'll be embarking on territory that many of you may have already mastered: the art of job-hunting. For me though, it would be 'start-of-career-as-a-successful-accountant-hunt' which entails me doing lots of company research and reviewing my qualifications to make sure that my skill set is enough for these looming companies today.

I have a problem though, if I'm allowed to think so. I'm not quite sure what area of accounting I'm most interested in. Is it shameful to say that I want to do it all before I fall? Meaning, I want to see what opportunities are out there before I stick my foot into a company that doesn't fit well with me and vice versa. I've seen that happen too many times. I've also seen individuals go into Corporate America and leave scared straight, only to work at some of the smaller places that I have been employed.

On top of that, I'm considering relocating. This coming from a chick who still loves cuddling in the bed with a few Hershey's bars with her mommy. Yes, my absolute best friend is my mommy and I still live at home. Give me a break, I'm still in college here. But it's equally as hard for me to think about uprooting myself as it is for me to leave my mom all alone. So I'm torn in all sorts of directions right now. I'm afraid, confused, excited, happy, sad, thankful, etc. All of these emotions all bottled up into one person... Genius! I've decided though to take baby steps but to think BIG along the way. I guess the leap into complete womanhood wouldn't be so tough if I actually gave myself a break and took a little pressure off of my own chest. But I've seen it done before by so many brilliant woman that I can't help but to follow in their amazing footsteps and follow my dreams.

Speaking of dreams, I haven't had any recently. What's that all about? Anywho, so here's some pointers I've discovered myself that can help with job-hunting:

  • List all of the companies that you would like to work for. Line up your qualifications with theirs and begin to minimize your list. Some of us just don't have the 10-15 years of experience that they're looking for.
  • Always carry a resume with you, a professional-style resume. Before my current internship, my resume including retail and food-service positions that I've held. Now I have enough accounting cushion to pad my resume with accounting volunteer work that I've done, budgeting and audit skills that I've acquired through working as our sorority's treasurer, 1 year of internship experience, plus my own working knowledge from the education that I've obtained.
  • A business card is helpful as well. Even if it only has your name and contact information on it. At least it lets people know that you're serious.
  • Apply, apply, and apply some more. The worst answer that you can get is 'no'. Oh well, keep it moving.
  • One of the most important aspects of being in a sorority are the incredible networking opportunities. Not only in greek-lettered organizations, but any type of organization. There is always someone who knows someone who knows someone that is looking for someone just like you. Many of my sorority sisters have already graduated and have enough experience and time in at their jobs to refer me or send my resume to HR. Granted none of them are in my field, but pretty much every business requires some sort of accounting-related work to be done. So, forward my resume. Be my guest.
  • Attend seminars, conferences, career fairs, and visit staffing companies like Kelly Staffing, Inc. They are in business to help you find work. Making personal face-to-face contacts are key to a successful job hunt.
  • Don't underestimate the power of the newspaper. Period. It can be your best friend, well right under your mommy :-)
  • If you're still in college, ask some of your professors for job references.
I know that I haven't covered EVERYTHING there is to do while job-searching, and if there is anything that you've done to stand out amongst competitors... PLEASE LET ME KNOW! We can learn together!

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