Jun 30, 2010

From Mommy to Me...

Have you ever considered the morals and guidance that helped to mold you into the person you are today? I'm sure most of us don't think beyond our actions, but those very actions happen because at some point in our lives we were taught or conditioned to be/act in a certain manner. A lot of the things that I do are shaped by the things that my parents taught me, particularly my mother. In this post, I'm going to highlight for you all of the significant things that I was told by my mom along with things that I learned from her...

There is more than one way to make money... Nothing irks me more than a person that doesn't try, or dishes out an excuse for everything. Things are not going to fall into your lap, and frankly I don't want them to. I love knowing that everything that I have, I worked hard for it. No one can take that away from me. If a full-time job was not in line for me, 2 part-time jobs would have to suffice. If no one was hiring in my area, I'd use my skills and knowledge to tutor people.

Sell yourself... You have lots of things to be proud of like high school graduation, completion of your college degree, promotion at work, successfully completing a marathon, etc. It's only boasting when you're not asked... but if someone wants to hear about your accomplishments, don't be afraid to tell them.
-Respect yourself and others will follow suit... If you present yourself in an ugly fashion, don't be surprised when you get the short end of the stick. Snooty attitudes and I'm-better-than-you vibes are a sure way to lose respect in almost every situation. Take a step back, look in the mirror, and decide whether you would like yourself. It will serve you justice!

Never have too much pride... Please do not mix pride with proud. They are spelled differently for a reason. I had to learn this on my own, with a little guidance from mommy. At one point in my life, I refused to ask for help. I relied heavily on my mother to make it happen, and when she couldn't do it or I couldn't help myself I'd just go without. Although there has always been people in my life who want to help me, I failed to accept their help and go the long route. Simply because I like to earn what I get, and by taking from others even at their own will, I feel like I am selling myself short or that I'll owe them something in return. I never want to be indebted to someone else. EVER! Mommy's lesson was to never be afraid to receive, but I taught her something too...

... Nothing in life is better than giving! My mom is astonished at how much I donate to charity, how many hours I volunteer in the community, or how often I participate in outreach services or seek the opportunity to help others on my own terms. All of the work that I've done for free was self-sought. No one forced me, but I'm always felt obligated to give back.

What are some ways of life that your mother (or father) instilled in you? I'd love to know!

Jun 29, 2010

Friends vs. Wallet

Today, I stumbled across The Blog Carnival at 20something bloggers which is terrific because I always miss them. The topic of this carnival touched home, and it runs along the lines of living up to others lifestyle. Now my situation can be looked at a few different ways, but I'll let you decide.

Before college, I did not care what I wore or what type of purse I carried. I frequently shopped at Payless for shoes and Claire's for jewelry and purses. Once I joined a sorority in 2005 and was introduced to the lifestyle of some of the women, it easily rubbed off on me in a way that I was not conscious of. No longer did I shop at lower end retail stores, I began shopping at Coach, Guess, MetroPark, ALDO, etc. Anything that was out of my means was fair game. I tossed away my cheap bags, and bought my first Coach purse. I carried the same Coach purse for over 2 years, simply because of its name and the fact that it looked better than anything that had ever adorned my shoulder before. It became apparent that appearance is/was everything, as most of them drive the best cars and buy the most elaborate/expensive clothing.Which leads me to my next point...

...there are some things that women cannot sacrifice, and each of us has our own guilty pleasure that we can't live without. Mine is hair, nail and eyebrow maintenance. I shriek at my desk just imagining not having a perfect manicure, or an overgrown hair in my eyebrows. Chipped nail polish is a no-no, especially if wearing sandals. So yes, if I was down to my last $20, a $13 manicure and $7 eyebrow waxing is in order. May not be the most frugal way of living, but it is definitely something I've grown accustomed to and can't live without.

However, after becoming more responsible for myself and my expenses, I realize that that lifestyle is not for me. I've severely cut back on mani/pedi days, and although it takes 3 more hours than my stylist I've been perfecting my hair at home.

My pockets have thanked me! So to anyone attempting to fit in, or living a lifestyle according to the means of others, you should really consider reevaluating who you are and what truly makes you happy, and seek personal fulfillment from there. Making those changes for myself led to a Financial Fitness Score of 73, meaning I'm on the right track for being in great financial shape!

Love GAB :-)

Disclaimer: This post is part of the 20SB Blog Carnival: Friends & Money, sponsored by Charles Schwab. Prizes may be awarded to selected posts. The information and opinions expressed in this post do not reflect the views or opinions of Charles Schwab. Details on the event, eligibility, and a complete list of participating bloggers can be found here.

Jun 27, 2010

I Have to Grow Up Sometime

GAB made the biggest transition of her life today... She packed her belongings, moved away from her family and boyfriend, and is now sulking in her misery. Watching my family go back home, 70 miles away was one thing. But to watch my boyfriend leave was absolutely devastating... As a matter of fact, he's been gone for about 10 minutes and I'm still crying.

How could something so wonderful in your life be the root of so much loneliness? I really had to grow up today... I've had to make real grown up decisions, and I've traveled to a place unfamiliar to me- where I know absolutely no one. I wasn't told that it would be easy, but I definitely didn't think it would be so hard. That's when you realize that you are your own being, but people help to make you who you are. I try not to bicker with them so much, and assert my adulthood... But maybe I'm one of the selected few who should have waited to leave home. Granted I'm responsible enough to handle this lifestyle, but am I ready?

Well, I guess at this point I have no choice but to be. I have to make my apartment my home, and enjoy it because this is what I asked for. So excuse me in advance if my next few posts seem a little sorrowful, I'm going through a phase that hopefully will subdue very soon :-)

Wish GAB luck in her new life!
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Jun 18, 2010

GAB Life Updates

Good evening to all, live from my Blackberry :-)

I forgot what it felt like to start a new job... To be the "newbie", the need to be shown where the bathroom is or where to hang your coat, how to log into various programs (the most difficult for me) and getting acquainted with so many people!

To make matters worse, I had lunch today with 3 coworkers; two of which I couldn't tell you their names! On the flipside, I've been given a great amount of responsibility these past 2 days and am so excited to learn and do more.

A little about this place... It is the epitome of Corporate America... Cubicles are taller than me, closed in and very secluded. The company actually blocks access to all outside email providers, Facebook, Pandora... This is nothing like my old job at CC. I'm sure there is some kind of firewall or cell phone blockage in the building since my phone literally dies after 3 hours of being at work and not using it for more than a minute. So far, I have 6 different passwords for various programs and software work-related. But those sound like complaints to me, so... Let's reflect on some cool things likeeeeee...

... The bathroom... THE nicest work facility restroom ever- fully equipped with an unlimited supply of pads and tampons, even Lysol disinfectant spray in every stall :-) A plush leather couch and a cabinet full of hair products and tools!
... The kitchen... State-of-the-art Paula Dean kitchen straight out of a magazine- patio deck attached!
... Raffle prizes... Some sweet things are being raffled off this month alone... XBOX 360, Wii, Dell laptop mini, vacations, etc!
... Jean and Popcorn day... Every single Friday is basically free dress day. Let's see, I wore jeans and some really cute sandals today :-)
... Laptops for permanent employees- access your work from anywhere as long as you have your laptop!
... There are 4 baby bunnies living and growing in a hole right outside of our kitchen window.
... My coworkers are pretty sweet! They're so nice and welcoming, always checking on lil' ole me :-)
... There is something for everyone at my new job! Any interests you may have can definitely be suited at MC.
... In 3 months, we're moving to a new location. Nice college town, with many opportunities for growth. More collaborative work style floorplan. Lower cubicle walls, more open space, onsite fitness center, and more conference room space! Can't wait to be apart of such a dynamic change within a well cultured organization!

Wish GAB much luck!
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Jun 14, 2010

Really Big Lifestyle Change!

So as most of you know, if you've been following along... I went apartment hunting on Friday, and literally found a place in less than an hour. I know that may sound weird, but I did my research before I actually went out. I had been calling places for about a week, getting quotes on apartments, distance from work, perks, amenities, etc. I found the perfect place, and since I'm going to be the only one living there I didn't have to worry about compromising for anyone else's needs :-) My boyfriend could be a tad bit picky somethings... I'm just saying!

Anywho, it has central air, a dishwasher, plenty of closet space... I have wayyyy too many clothes and shoes, and the bathroom isn't in the bedroom (which BTW has a nice sized walk-in closet :-) What girl doesn't love that?! Of course with me only being there for 3 months and then on the move again, I had to figure out what things I would be taking with me while being as minimal as possible yet making my first place feel like home. Therefore a little shopping was done to complete "the look"... an aerial rug for the living room, a nice coffee table, shower curtain and bathroom rug set, bedroom vanity, trash can, dishes, towels and general household items. I've spent so much money in Walmart this past week, it is absolutely ridiculous!

Needless to say, I am extremely excited about this new chapter in my life. Sad that I'm leaving things behind for a while, including my family, my wonderful boyfriend and my friends. Good thing I have Skype, a Blackberry and a car for those lonely nights :-) It will definitely be hard adjusting to making my own meals, being 100% responsible for myself, making sure my ENTIRE home is clean, getting to work on time, buying groceries, paying rent, car note, car insurance, cable/internet, electricity and gas bill, gas for my car... Ugh, that lists looks even uglier than I thought. Well, I'll be rolling with the punches that life throws at me and will be sure to keep you guys posted on the goings-ons in my renovated life :-)

But until I move in, I have a to-do list like none other... jury duty tomorrow, final exam coming up, first day of work on Thursday, Father's Day on Sunday, Going Away Dinner, andddddd actually packing <------ I do not look forward to this!

On the bright side, tomorrow is a new day for new opportunities and new lessons. 

Jun 9, 2010

A New Life Begins in Just a Few Days...

After impatiently waiting on a call back on Friday, I began to freak out about the job I had interviewed for. Monday rolled around and still no call from the Talent Manager, which didn't seem normal of her since she's always prompt. Well, I took it upon myself to give a follow-up call just to see where things stood as other employers began calling and emailing me about other opportunities. In a few short words, I NAILED IT! I got the internship and couldn't be any happier.

This didn't come with issues though. As soon as I got the news, I had to crack down on apartment hunting. I definitely have to find something this week that will be ready for move-in by the end of the month. Believe me though, I am scared as shit. And it doesn't help that I just read an article in Cosmo about a man stalking a woman at her apartment :-/ I've never lived on my own and I'm almost 23 years old. I guess that's my fault though... I should have went away to school as planned. But I am so eager to get away from the city life and live something a little less fast-pace. I'm moving to a little country town in Michigan, close to the border of Ohio. Nothing but farms and cornfields for miles, with a corporate building standing tall in the middle of it all. It's a quaint little college town that to my surprise offers a lot of advantages. Utilities, as well as internet is included in most of the places I've searched and I am excited to check them out on Friday!

Not to mention I had to sit in a medical center today for more than an hour for a drug test... UGH! I've also been contacted by FedEx who apparently attempted to deliver a package to my home from my new job, but had the wrong address. Actually, they had the right address, wrong zip code. So they were literally on the other side of the state with my package... funny stuff! I'm still trying to figure out what it is though! I start next Thursday, and soooo not looking forward to the hour and a half commute 3 days out of the week for the next 3 weeks. My apartment will be my best friend....

Have you ever had to move for your job or for an awesome opportunity? What was the hardest part of moving for you?

Jun 4, 2010

GAB Update

You'd think that by me being unemployed for almost a month now that I'd devote more time to my blog, and keep you guys in the loop with my everyday living...

I won't lie, it has been devastatingly hard to wake up before 8am on only 2 days out of the week to attend class... it is weird wearing jeans and t-shirts pretty much everyday, having more than enough time to study, over cleaning the house and doing yardwork when most people are out making a living... it is hard to watch my business casual attire collect dust in my closet, and wash a bunch of socks, leggings and tank tops... to wake up late and go to bed even later, to not nap in fear of missing a call from a prospective employer... texting non-stop all throughout the day to my jobless friend in Laredo, TX.

I had to face it; I took having a job for granted. I felt like I deserved it more than others, that I would never be at the bottom trying to find my way to the top again. I spent money on material items that I should have saved for a rainy day, or a rainy few months in my case. Yet, a mere 3 weeks ago I inquired about unemployment compensation. But I didn't settle, I couldn't settle. Since then, I've been on the hunt for a job like no other. What people don't realize is that you have to actively look for a job as if it was already your full-time job. That means for at least 7 hours a day, you should be flooding companies with your cover letter and resume.

During this daunting process, I've had a few successes. Nothing worthwhile came around until recently. I've been given the opportunity to interview for a multi billion dollar company, one with a very reputable name and a wonderful brand gracing the households of millions of individuals across the world. What makes me appreciate the opportunity more is the fact that I sought it on my own. It wasn't handed to me via a network, colleague or referral. I took the time to apply to companies that I could see myself contributing to, not just any old place on Career Builder... I also learned that CareerBuilder.com doesn't build careers. Out of the 80 or so resumes that I sent out, all of my responses came from my hands-on actions. Physically taking my resume to places, or using CareerBuilder as a tool- not as my only resource.

Here's how I do it... I search on CareerBuilder.com for companies that are hiring, and usually the names are given. Instead of clicking the "Email your Resume" button, I visit the actual website of the company and apply there. This has proved to be more beneficial for myself, but to each its own.

But to sum it all up, I had a wonderful interview yesterday... 70 miles from home, but definitely worth every mile or the rent money that I will dish out instead of gas money (haven't made up my mind yet, but leaning more towards moving than commuting)... 6 month internship turn full-time position with excellent benefits upon successful completion of internship and excellent evaluations from managers and staff members. OVERLY EXCITED AND AWAITING THE FINAL CALL :-)

Keep me in your prayers, and feel free to email me with any questions about job hunting... I'm sure I have some useful tips that you can use!

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