Jun 4, 2010

GAB Update

You'd think that by me being unemployed for almost a month now that I'd devote more time to my blog, and keep you guys in the loop with my everyday living...

I won't lie, it has been devastatingly hard to wake up before 8am on only 2 days out of the week to attend class... it is weird wearing jeans and t-shirts pretty much everyday, having more than enough time to study, over cleaning the house and doing yardwork when most people are out making a living... it is hard to watch my business casual attire collect dust in my closet, and wash a bunch of socks, leggings and tank tops... to wake up late and go to bed even later, to not nap in fear of missing a call from a prospective employer... texting non-stop all throughout the day to my jobless friend in Laredo, TX.

I had to face it; I took having a job for granted. I felt like I deserved it more than others, that I would never be at the bottom trying to find my way to the top again. I spent money on material items that I should have saved for a rainy day, or a rainy few months in my case. Yet, a mere 3 weeks ago I inquired about unemployment compensation. But I didn't settle, I couldn't settle. Since then, I've been on the hunt for a job like no other. What people don't realize is that you have to actively look for a job as if it was already your full-time job. That means for at least 7 hours a day, you should be flooding companies with your cover letter and resume.

During this daunting process, I've had a few successes. Nothing worthwhile came around until recently. I've been given the opportunity to interview for a multi billion dollar company, one with a very reputable name and a wonderful brand gracing the households of millions of individuals across the world. What makes me appreciate the opportunity more is the fact that I sought it on my own. It wasn't handed to me via a network, colleague or referral. I took the time to apply to companies that I could see myself contributing to, not just any old place on Career Builder... I also learned that CareerBuilder.com doesn't build careers. Out of the 80 or so resumes that I sent out, all of my responses came from my hands-on actions. Physically taking my resume to places, or using CareerBuilder as a tool- not as my only resource.

Here's how I do it... I search on CareerBuilder.com for companies that are hiring, and usually the names are given. Instead of clicking the "Email your Resume" button, I visit the actual website of the company and apply there. This has proved to be more beneficial for myself, but to each its own.

But to sum it all up, I had a wonderful interview yesterday... 70 miles from home, but definitely worth every mile or the rent money that I will dish out instead of gas money (haven't made up my mind yet, but leaning more towards moving than commuting)... 6 month internship turn full-time position with excellent benefits upon successful completion of internship and excellent evaluations from managers and staff members. OVERLY EXCITED AND AWAITING THE FINAL CALL :-)

Keep me in your prayers, and feel free to email me with any questions about job hunting... I'm sure I have some useful tips that you can use!


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