Jun 18, 2010

GAB Life Updates

Good evening to all, live from my Blackberry :-)

I forgot what it felt like to start a new job... To be the "newbie", the need to be shown where the bathroom is or where to hang your coat, how to log into various programs (the most difficult for me) and getting acquainted with so many people!

To make matters worse, I had lunch today with 3 coworkers; two of which I couldn't tell you their names! On the flipside, I've been given a great amount of responsibility these past 2 days and am so excited to learn and do more.

A little about this place... It is the epitome of Corporate America... Cubicles are taller than me, closed in and very secluded. The company actually blocks access to all outside email providers, Facebook, Pandora... This is nothing like my old job at CC. I'm sure there is some kind of firewall or cell phone blockage in the building since my phone literally dies after 3 hours of being at work and not using it for more than a minute. So far, I have 6 different passwords for various programs and software work-related. But those sound like complaints to me, so... Let's reflect on some cool things likeeeeee...

... The bathroom... THE nicest work facility restroom ever- fully equipped with an unlimited supply of pads and tampons, even Lysol disinfectant spray in every stall :-) A plush leather couch and a cabinet full of hair products and tools!
... The kitchen... State-of-the-art Paula Dean kitchen straight out of a magazine- patio deck attached!
... Raffle prizes... Some sweet things are being raffled off this month alone... XBOX 360, Wii, Dell laptop mini, vacations, etc!
... Jean and Popcorn day... Every single Friday is basically free dress day. Let's see, I wore jeans and some really cute sandals today :-)
... Laptops for permanent employees- access your work from anywhere as long as you have your laptop!
... There are 4 baby bunnies living and growing in a hole right outside of our kitchen window.
... My coworkers are pretty sweet! They're so nice and welcoming, always checking on lil' ole me :-)
... There is something for everyone at my new job! Any interests you may have can definitely be suited at MC.
... In 3 months, we're moving to a new location. Nice college town, with many opportunities for growth. More collaborative work style floorplan. Lower cubicle walls, more open space, onsite fitness center, and more conference room space! Can't wait to be apart of such a dynamic change within a well cultured organization!

Wish GAB much luck!
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Pretty Unfamous said...

Uhhhh TOTALLY jealous about the kitchen and bathroom! You definitely made your workplace seem stuffy and stodgy at the beginning by talking about the cubicles and everything, but made it sound really cool by the end of your post.

And who DOESN'T love free dress?!

nmaha said...

You sound happy, good for you. Hope the honeymoon continues for as long as possible. We are trying to create a positive workspace here, will take some tips from your post.

Girl About Business said...

Oh, trust me I love free dress day. I was already starting to have a panic attack on Thursday just thinking about what I was going to wear on Friday. Being able to throw on a pair of jeans definitely made my day better!

nmaha- thank you! If you need any tips for a positive workspace other than what I posted, I definitely have more :-)

The Fabulous Intern said...

I'm going to be in your shoes in only a couple of days. I start my internship in the headquarters of a very large corporation on Monday. Here's to hoping that their bathrooms will be as nice as your company's!

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