Jun 27, 2010

I Have to Grow Up Sometime

GAB made the biggest transition of her life today... She packed her belongings, moved away from her family and boyfriend, and is now sulking in her misery. Watching my family go back home, 70 miles away was one thing. But to watch my boyfriend leave was absolutely devastating... As a matter of fact, he's been gone for about 10 minutes and I'm still crying.

How could something so wonderful in your life be the root of so much loneliness? I really had to grow up today... I've had to make real grown up decisions, and I've traveled to a place unfamiliar to me- where I know absolutely no one. I wasn't told that it would be easy, but I definitely didn't think it would be so hard. That's when you realize that you are your own being, but people help to make you who you are. I try not to bicker with them so much, and assert my adulthood... But maybe I'm one of the selected few who should have waited to leave home. Granted I'm responsible enough to handle this lifestyle, but am I ready?

Well, I guess at this point I have no choice but to be. I have to make my apartment my home, and enjoy it because this is what I asked for. So excuse me in advance if my next few posts seem a little sorrowful, I'm going through a phase that hopefully will subdue very soon :-)

Wish GAB luck in her new life!
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Janneke said...

oh no! don't cry anymore. i know it is such an awful feeling to thik you're all alone, but in reality, you aren't! they are merely a tad bit more away ;) and it's not for forever! this is a great opportunity to grow and explore and to obviously learn and experience new things!
hang in there hun! it will be so much fun!

Girl About Business said...

Thanks, that was a very nice comment. I think they sweetest GAB has ever gotten! I did stop crying though, and was able to sleep through the night last night :-)

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