Jun 9, 2010

A New Life Begins in Just a Few Days...

After impatiently waiting on a call back on Friday, I began to freak out about the job I had interviewed for. Monday rolled around and still no call from the Talent Manager, which didn't seem normal of her since she's always prompt. Well, I took it upon myself to give a follow-up call just to see where things stood as other employers began calling and emailing me about other opportunities. In a few short words, I NAILED IT! I got the internship and couldn't be any happier.

This didn't come with issues though. As soon as I got the news, I had to crack down on apartment hunting. I definitely have to find something this week that will be ready for move-in by the end of the month. Believe me though, I am scared as shit. And it doesn't help that I just read an article in Cosmo about a man stalking a woman at her apartment :-/ I've never lived on my own and I'm almost 23 years old. I guess that's my fault though... I should have went away to school as planned. But I am so eager to get away from the city life and live something a little less fast-pace. I'm moving to a little country town in Michigan, close to the border of Ohio. Nothing but farms and cornfields for miles, with a corporate building standing tall in the middle of it all. It's a quaint little college town that to my surprise offers a lot of advantages. Utilities, as well as internet is included in most of the places I've searched and I am excited to check them out on Friday!

Not to mention I had to sit in a medical center today for more than an hour for a drug test... UGH! I've also been contacted by FedEx who apparently attempted to deliver a package to my home from my new job, but had the wrong address. Actually, they had the right address, wrong zip code. So they were literally on the other side of the state with my package... funny stuff! I'm still trying to figure out what it is though! I start next Thursday, and soooo not looking forward to the hour and a half commute 3 days out of the week for the next 3 weeks. My apartment will be my best friend....

Have you ever had to move for your job or for an awesome opportunity? What was the hardest part of moving for you?


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