May 12, 2010

There's a Reason for Everything!

Not that it bothered me or anything, but I always wondered why men and women had separate restrooms. I understand that it may be more comfortable for both genders, as it is for me. But what prompted institutions, restaurants, schools and all the other places with separate restrooms to segregate?

From what I've read online and my general working knowledge being a woman, I'm assuming it is because our society holds steady on the idea that nudity, sex, doing the 'duty', or whatever are personal affairs, and should be handled as personably as possible. Same goes for the idea that boys and girls shouldn't share beds, or there is no such thing as boy/girl slumber parties. Honestly, I have never been to one or known any person to have a slumber party for their child with boys and girls sleeping over. That was a sideline comment...Conglomerating women together in restrooms allows for less discomfort. At one point I was always afraid to open sanitary napkins or tampons while other women were in the same restroom as me, afraid that they'd hear me and know what I was up to. Now, I have no issues with that. I understand that everyone coming into that restroom has either 'been there, done that' or will soon 'be there and do that'. As the same for men!

Imagine walking into a public restroom and seeing a man standing at a urinal with a woman squatting on the toilet right next to him. Or what about those times when you're on a date and you need to go powder your nose? Wouldn't it be awkward for your date to walk in the restroom while you're getting pretty?

But recently I've come to appreciate separate restrooms even more. At my job there is a staff lounge, outside of our office right down the hall. In that lounge are two single restrooms, no gender designation. After drinking an 18oz cup of sweet tea, I immediately needed a potty break. Well, as I'm walking into one of the singles, the director of our office (male) is walking out. Surprisingly, the other restroom was occupied. So I was forced to use the bathroom that our director had just exited. I immediately wanted to barf after seeing the way that he left the restroom for the next person. Soapy sink knobs, toilet seat raised with drops of urine all over the toilet! I guess he thought that by him smiling and speaking before leaving that I'd forgive him. And I did... it wasn't until he repeated the action two days later, when my best friend walked into the same bathroom that he just left out of. She too noticed the same exact thing that I did, making him a habitual toilet-seat-leaver-upper-pee-stained-toilet-wetter!

And he's married... now this may not be the case for all men, but he is one nasty guy for that. His wife has to be crazy to accept that.


Janneke said...

That is absolutely disgusting!
So glad we have separate bathrooms at work. Dealing with it at home with the boyfriend from time to time is enogh

Stela James said...

Nice post

nmaha said...

I feel like throwing up....thank god my husband (who is also works with me) is much more hygienic.......I'm all for separate washrooms outside the mom has separate washrooms in the house :-)

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