Feb 10, 2010

The Thanks I Get...

If you haven't had a laugh today, I'm sure this will do it for you. It did it for me. After waking up at 7am to find out that both work and school were closed AGAIN (snow day #2), I took it upon myself to finish up start this 500 word essay that's due tomorrow. I had it all planned out yesterday before leaving campus. Here's that incredible plan:

Being a little pessimistic, I assumed that our school would be open since they rarely declare inclement weather as a snow day. At the same time, I work next door and figured they'd close the school that I work at since they don't have as much manpower/equipment to plow through all of that snow. So I planned to have the day off to head to the schools library and check out a few books and read a few journal articles. After reviewing this material, I was going to write a slamming paper about membrane structures (ick). I would listen to my recorded lectures, and get ahead in my reading for class.

Yeah, about that plan... turns out both school and work were closed, meaning no access to the library. This left me perusing the web for HOURS to find credible primary sources for this essay. Man, that was hard! Luckily our school has access to tons, literally they spend millions a year, of online journals. What was supposed to take roughly 3-4 hours, turned into a 7-hour-long process. Needless to say, I needed one of those naps that I planned to cut out.

This is usually the time when my boyfriend feels the need to make fun of me, or take random pictures of my sleeping and send them to my phone. Here is the result of my nap today...

Yea, GAB had a down moment. I don't normally look like this, I promise... Come on now, it was a snow day!

If you're wondering what that sign says above my head...

Lmao, I think it's hilarious that he considers my naps to be "bummy"... 

Am I the only one dealing with a guy who loves to catch my off moments? If only you could see the picture he took of me about an hour ago! What does your boyfriend/girlfriend do to you when you're not looking?


Juliana said...

OMG this is one of the funniest things I have seen in awhile ha ha...oh you have to one up em girl!

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Girl About Business said...

Juliana- it was so hilarious that I couldn't help but to post it! PS- I love your blog, thanks for checking mine out!

Claudia Lawrence- thank you too for following :-)

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