Feb 7, 2010

Very Inexpensive Date!

My boyfriend pays for tuition and books right out of his pocket, with his cash flow coming from a nice part-time job and other savings that he has accumulated in his 23 years of living. Well, when school is in I can rarely count on him planning a date. Recently I've been the one planning all of the dates, in an effort to keep the bliss going as well as to continue exploring new and exciting things together. The last thing I want my boyfriend to feel is that we can only have fun on his bill. That's not the case at all.

After a long morning/afternoon of listening to lectures (yes, it's very beneficial) he BBMed me and asked if it was OK if we went on a date later on. I figured he had something up his sleeve, like a double-date with his friends or something because like I said- he rarely requests dates. But I was excited... Finally the pressure has been taken off of my shoulders when it comes to 'what are we going to do tonight?' He decided on the movies, and as far as I knew there wasn't much playing that I had an interest in seeing other than When In Rome and some other random chick flick that I can't remember the name of.

I arrived at his house around 6:30p, and the last showing of When In Rome was 7p. I hadn't eaten anything for quite some time, and needed a quick fix. So we made a stop at my best friend Ronald's place, McDonalds. Needless to say, I smuggled my 6-piece nugget Mighty Kids meal into the AMC 20 Theater, along with a large sweet tea. Don't believe me??? Check this out!

Being the hard worker that he is, my boyfriend's employer gave him 2 free admission tickets to the AMC theaters. I told you he had to have something up his sleeve. Anywho, to my surprise the movie was actually very cute and funny, and no one suspected my smuggling although that was an ill-shaped belly I was sporting last night! Very frugal... Good times!

What are some inexpensive dates that you've had? Have you ever smuggled things into the high-priced movie theaters?


eemusings said...

Hmm, we rarely go to the movies as it's so outrageously expensive! But we always bring in outside food - usually a drink and some sort of snacky, packaged food. the popcorn always smells so great, but the taste never quite matches up...

Girl About Business said...

Last time was Taco Bell, which is a little more concealable than a happy meal lol. But I agree, the movies are way too expensive nowadays, and they don't even offer student discounts anymore. At least not where we go. That's why we don't rarely go anymore!

Frugal Brunette said...

I'm so proud! haha
I rarely go to the movies but when I do, I come prepared with a snack pack (my purse) and a giant selection of goodies!
Ticket prices are already outrageous there is nothing left for sticky popcorn.

Girl About Business said...

Frugal Brunette- I wasn't given much time to prepare, otherwise I wouldn't be carrying that ridiculously small Coach bag hahaha! I need to become a better smuggler!

オテモヤン said...


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