Feb 3, 2010

Here Goes Nothing!

Soon enough I'll be embarking on territory that many of you may have already mastered: the art of job-hunting. For me though, it would be 'start-of-career-as-a-successful-accountant-hunt' which entails me doing lots of company research and reviewing my qualifications to make sure that my skill set is enough for these looming companies today.

I have a problem though, if I'm allowed to think so. I'm not quite sure what area of accounting I'm most interested in. Is it shameful to say that I want to do it all before I fall? Meaning, I want to see what opportunities are out there before I stick my foot into a company that doesn't fit well with me and vice versa. I've seen that happen too many times. I've also seen individuals go into Corporate America and leave scared straight, only to work at some of the smaller places that I have been employed.

On top of that, I'm considering relocating. This coming from a chick who still loves cuddling in the bed with a few Hershey's bars with her mommy. Yes, my absolute best friend is my mommy and I still live at home. Give me a break, I'm still in college here. But it's equally as hard for me to think about uprooting myself as it is for me to leave my mom all alone. So I'm torn in all sorts of directions right now. I'm afraid, confused, excited, happy, sad, thankful, etc. All of these emotions all bottled up into one person... Genius! I've decided though to take baby steps but to think BIG along the way. I guess the leap into complete womanhood wouldn't be so tough if I actually gave myself a break and took a little pressure off of my own chest. But I've seen it done before by so many brilliant woman that I can't help but to follow in their amazing footsteps and follow my dreams.

Speaking of dreams, I haven't had any recently. What's that all about? Anywho, so here's some pointers I've discovered myself that can help with job-hunting:

  • List all of the companies that you would like to work for. Line up your qualifications with theirs and begin to minimize your list. Some of us just don't have the 10-15 years of experience that they're looking for.
  • Always carry a resume with you, a professional-style resume. Before my current internship, my resume including retail and food-service positions that I've held. Now I have enough accounting cushion to pad my resume with accounting volunteer work that I've done, budgeting and audit skills that I've acquired through working as our sorority's treasurer, 1 year of internship experience, plus my own working knowledge from the education that I've obtained.
  • A business card is helpful as well. Even if it only has your name and contact information on it. At least it lets people know that you're serious.
  • Apply, apply, and apply some more. The worst answer that you can get is 'no'. Oh well, keep it moving.
  • One of the most important aspects of being in a sorority are the incredible networking opportunities. Not only in greek-lettered organizations, but any type of organization. There is always someone who knows someone who knows someone that is looking for someone just like you. Many of my sorority sisters have already graduated and have enough experience and time in at their jobs to refer me or send my resume to HR. Granted none of them are in my field, but pretty much every business requires some sort of accounting-related work to be done. So, forward my resume. Be my guest.
  • Attend seminars, conferences, career fairs, and visit staffing companies like Kelly Staffing, Inc. They are in business to help you find work. Making personal face-to-face contacts are key to a successful job hunt.
  • Don't underestimate the power of the newspaper. Period. It can be your best friend, well right under your mommy :-)
  • If you're still in college, ask some of your professors for job references.
I know that I haven't covered EVERYTHING there is to do while job-searching, and if there is anything that you've done to stand out amongst competitors... PLEASE LET ME KNOW! We can learn together!


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