Feb 4, 2010

Apartment Hunting

Yes, you read correctly... GAB has been apartment hunting for the past month, and I have to admit it is very exciting! This coming from someone who still enjoys nights in with her mommy, I found it time to begin a new, adventurous life away from mommy. So for 2 straight days, my boyfriend and I ran from Canton, to Westland, to Livonia, to Farmington Hills, to Northville (Michigan) and back scouring apartment complexes in the snow. A few were very disappointing, just not up to our standards of living. We're not snobs or anything, we both firmly believe that you get what you pay for. So yea, I'll pay a little extra a month in order to live a comfortable life.

We found one very cozy little place not too far from home, in the middle of suburbia surrounded by beautiful lakes and trees. $590/month including water! In my opinion, you just can't beat that. The kitchens are upgraded and there is enough closet and storage space for our needs. We're allowed to hang pictures and paint, which a lot of places don't allow. Private entrances, olympic-sized swimming pool, access to fitness room 24/7, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, along with access to use the fully-equipped clubhouse at no charge. Oh, and free wireless internet access! These amenities are hard to come by, so we've both made our decision on location.

Next up is... furniture. Between us, we own a computer desk, night stands, lamps, a small bookshelf and a new bed. We recently visited Ikea to look at living room furniture and dining room table sets. We're pretty much set; the only thing left to do is actually apply for the apartment and decide who's going to be responsible for which portion of the bills. As a courtesy to my boyfriend, since I'm graduating before him I agreed to take on the rent until he graduates and he'll cover the utilities and groceries. Once he graduates, things will be 50/50.

I want to share with you all a few photos of the apartment along with some tidbits on how we (I, used firmly) plan to decorate our first place!

Nice bathroom, clean colors will be used.

You can't see the wall due to the angle of the picture, but I'm thinking of painting one wall of the dining room an accent color. Not sure which color yet though!

Can't do much here, but a few pictures and matching towels. But the kitchen is very nice!

The bedroom will work fine as is. Maybe a nice aerial rug and few pictures will do.

Let me know what you guys think of our soon-to-be new place!


Atiya Ara said...

Beautiful. Your Buy Business Bay Apartment always looks so peaceful, warm, comfy and carefully put together, it's such a joy to see your posts. Thank you for sharing,

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