Feb 9, 2010

Snow Day on Exam Day

Sunday, yes Sunday, I decided to skip out on work on Tuesday (today) in an effort to study the day away for my Equity exam and catch up on some other work/readings. Everything has gone as planned so far. I called in sick this morning i.e. sick of going to work, not a physical illness. So, since 9am I've been at school, doing graphs in Excel, marching to class, and back and forth between computer labs. But guess what?! I skipped out on work only to have our campus close at 4pm, meaning my 6pm exam has been postponed until next Tuesday! Yes, an entire extra week to study! Not to say that I haven't been doing so already, but I am very grateful for the extra time.

Don't think that I wasn't punished today for not attending work. As I pulled out of the McDonald's drive thru, my mouth began to water profusely. I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around the straw of my large sweet tea. What a relief it would have been. But since I live in crappy Michigan, and it decided to snow today, my $80 boots from Baker's Shoes decided to slip under my car door sending both my hash brown and sweet tea flying all over my jeans and car door! UGH absolute disgust :-( Not to mention that my gloves were drenched in sugary-sweet tea since my nail decided to puncture the Styrofoam cup... not the first time this has happened.

Not exactly a winter wonderland!

But I get to spend the rest of my day with my lovely boyfriend, playing video games and recovering from my *illness* so that I can return to my regular scheduled program.


Anywho, how do you spend your bad-weather days? I use mine as an excuse to dine-out, spend money and take naps?


Sam said...

Awesome! I got lucky with the snow too -- my Financial Accounting exam was scheduled for tomorrow... not anymore :D

Girl About Business said...

I know- that's the best right?! Are you an accounting major?

Just curious!

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