Jan 20, 2010

The "Know-It-All" that Doesn't Know Much

Working and learning are two things that everyone does everyday, whether we know it or not. Whether we want to or not. But this post stems from an irking feeling that I get from working with our new intern. Granted I'm still an itnern myself, I guess I have a little more say in this matter opposed to when I first started 5 months ago.

Now, I've worked with people who believe that they know everything and hate to be corrected when they're wrong, but this guy is by far the worst. His work ethic is horrible, and his main concern is getting students out of his face rather than helping them with their issues.

I sit back on a daily basis listening to our new intern yell at students, tell them that they're understanding wrong and that he knows how things work around here. Buddy, I don't even know everything or claim to and I've been here a lot longer than 2 weeks! I never really understood what chemical reaction people have in their brains that make them believe that they're superior, and our work can be performed by monkeys. If it is so easy, the way he claims that it is, then why does he ask a billion repetitive questions day-in and day-out?

Outside of work, he is the same way. Unfortunately I had to sit in front of this guy during the first lecture of our Equity Accounting class (which he dropped soon after), and listen to him answer ALL of the professors open-ended questions as well as rhetorical ones... you know, the questions that shouldn't really be answered, but they're asked anyway. Needless to say, the entire class was ecstatic when there were questions that he couldn't answer! No one likes a Know-It-All.

What really sent me over the edge yesterday was a comment that he made about his attendance at a mandatory tax training session that needs to be completed for our volunteer work with the Accounting Aid Society. Instead of saying that he learned alot during the session, he complained that "it was 8 hours long and my body was there but not my brain because I know everything". FINALLY, HE ADMITTED TO THE TITLE! He tends to brag about the work that he did before coming to CC, yet he fails to realize that no two companies are the same. What you did one place, 9 times out of 10 won't apply here!

Does anyone else have to deal with coworkers like these, be it interns, subs, or full-time workers? Honestly, it's one of the most frustrating things that I have had to cope with.


Sam said...

I have both a co-worker and a fellow student. They both feel that because they're "older" that they automatically know everything.

As far as the student is concerned, he was... I would guess, at least twice the age of everyone else in the class, and therefore thought he knew absolutely everything, and would have an answer to any and every question. He'd even try and correct the teacher. It's like, look, if you need to take the class, obviously you don't know everything about everything. Grr.

Girl About Business said...

Now that you mention it, there is a woman in my class as well who is the same EXACT way! She's always butting in on other people's questions, and interrupts the professor ALL the time. I recognized her from a previous course, and couldn't place my finger on why I remembered her so well until she started speaking.

Safe to say that I probably won't be enjoying much of this class this semester. But we'll see!

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