Jan 6, 2010

I Was Asked, "How did you end up here?"

Blogging, that is...

Well, it's a very interesting story if you ask me. But you didn't, and I'm going to tell it anyway. Ha!

As a 3rd grader at a local DPS, I was sitting in our portable class when our substitute with nothing else to talk about mentioned how journalism was a very good field to go into. At that time, the news and media industry were booming. The internet was just surfacing, and the job market looked great for someone who was just graduating high school or college at that time. But for me, I had to make sure that I'd have possibilities when I became older. I dreamt that day that I would be the next Carmen Harlan, or something like that.

Two summers later, I had a terrible bike accident which left me with a 2 inch scar on my chin, right below my lip. Oh how I wept on my dad's shoulder that year. There was no way in my mind that anyone would want to see my scarred face on television. I gave up my broadcast journalism dream about a year later. I was still very interested in writing though.

It wasn't until I got accepted to one of the top 3 high schools in Detroit that I began to realize my dream of writing. I signed up for the Communications curriculum which would gear me toward more english, communications, literature and art classes. Boy was I excited! Only to learn during my first semester as a 9th grader that there wasn't enough space for everyone who signed up, and I was placed into the Business curriculum. Ugh, memos and typing. Whatever!

I spent my first year learning to type and write business letters and memos. My 10th grade year, I had my first accounting course and I fell in love with the class and my teacher. She was so driven about her profession, and I desperately wanted to be like her. So I joined BPA (Business Professionals of America), competed in Banking, Finance and Accounting divisions, won at Regionals and came close to winning at the State level. Junior year, I took the ACT and SAT tests, scored well enough to get into all of the universities that I had in mind, applied to these schools, got accepted and headed into the business world.

At some point between high school and college, I realized that I still had a very strong passion for reading and writing. I spent many of my high school summers locked in my room reading heated romance novels, mysteries and books for young adults. I also wrote poetry and attempted a short story, but failed miserably.

My freshman year in college, I inquired about the school paper but realized that college was nothing like high school and opted out of burning myself out during my first year. All of a sudden, I spent less and less time reading and writing and more time studying that I forgot that I truly loved to write. Anywho, now that I'm into accounting and loving every aspect of it, I found a way to link my love for writing and accounting/business together. I inquired with the school paper again, as I'm already a senior and have a little more time on my hands. I wrote a few random columns about saving and holiday spending, and next thing you know I was offered a position as Student Perspectives Editor. This position requires me to work a full 8 hours on Mondays this semester, therefore I had to turn it down due to my internship. Oh, how I would have loved to work there!

Long story short, my idea of a financial advice column was widely accepted by the current editors and it should be rolling in the next few weeks! Excited! My blog is my creative outlet :-)


aimes said...

...nice to meet you! lol. I saw your blog on 2sb and thought that I'd take a look at your blog! Interesante! You mentioned something about Reach One Teach One in one of your earlier blogs, and I thought about the movie Precious, (not sure if you've seen the movie!) how neat! Digging your blog!


Girl About Business said...

No, but I read the book! I thought about that too when reading the book! Thanks for checking out my blog. Appreciated!

Alissa said...

Awesome on the blog. :)Keep up the good work!

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