Jan 18, 2010

GAB Rant: Queen of Procrastination

GAB Rant is where I'll rant and rave about minor and/or major occurrences that I experience around the office- or near the office, on a somewhat day-to-day basis! Enjoy :-)

Ever caught yourself on the back-end of a long weekend (3-4 days), and realize that you've accomplished absolutely NOTHING! Remember on the last day of work, Friday for most this time around, you told yourself that you'd get so much done? Well my list included reading for both Biology and Equity Accounting, and completing some homework. I guess I got sidetracked once I realized that all of that stuff that I learned in 2004 (11th grade) was coming back to hunt me!

Yes, bonds, covalent bonds, conversion, chemical reactions and the like are all topics that I have to cover in chapter 2!!!!! of my Biology book... Come on now, couldn't there be some sort of tutorial for people like me. So, as usual when I'm feeling stumped or defeated, I went and purchased a Biology for Dummies book. Let's see how this turns out for me. On top of all of this reading and understanding, I have to attend my lab which has its own homework assignments and quizzes pretty much each week. There are also science learning modules that need to be completed; all of which you must view material online and then go and take more TESTS!

On the flip side, I'm apartment hunting with my boyfriend today (yesterday too!). I must say, the first place that we visited was PUUURRRRRRRRFECT :-) I'm also purchasing a new digital camera really soon, so I'll be posting more pictures! Oh, and pics of some of the apartments that we see today.

To say the least, I'm ready for this semester to be over. And it just started!


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