Jul 10, 2010

Life on My Own...

Who ever thought that I'd spend majority of my day, aside from being at work, browsing websites and apartment shopping instead of actually shopping for myself... i.e. like clothes... I have a huge walk-in closet, enough space for 4 of my wardrobes, which makes me want to cry everyday since I can't fill it with fun, fabulous clothes right now.

Instead, I'm covering my dry erase fridge calendar with bill due dates, and huge green $$ notes to encourage me to keep going. There isn't much I love about living alone, aside from coming and going as I please. But I did that anyway... I LOVE grocery shopping and cleaning up. Basically, I love being domesticated. I've been here almost 2 weeks and the only things I've cooked on my stove are eggs, bacon, and boiled Ramen noodles. I finally used the oven today to warm up last nights pizza. Whhooooooooo! Making progress.

And it is a little scary being alone, 100% of the time. Sometimes I catch myself watching the clock, wondering how I could possibly be so lonely out here. Granted I love the fact that this is all mine, it is super damn boring. There are no clubs, no scenes to join, no cliques, not even a decent mall for miles. Even with my best friend here, it's still kinda lame since she's studying 90% of the time.

I spent the first 11 nights here with the living room light on and the ironing board pushed up against my door. That only put me more on edge, so I exerted my freedom and ability to live alone by removing the ironing board and finally turning off the light.

Value City pissed me off yesterday by only delivering one piece of my sectional... what kind of mess is that? They better have a free lamp, or table vase for the inconvenience. On a lighter note, I just love my job! I definitely couldn't have asked for anything more. And the fact that I can come home on my lunch break, eat a sandwich, take a 45 minute nap and still return to my desk on time is the best thing in the world.

PS- Central air is the ish :-)

Love, GAB!


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