Jul 31, 2010

Bloggerstock: 1 Postcard, 1 Person

Hi ya'll! My name is EmDottie. I'm being featured on GAB's blog today because of this thing called Bloggerstock. It's basically where bloggers pick a topic and do an orchestrated guest blog web ring thingamajing. Engineer in Heels is guest posting over on my blog. This months topic is about writing a person (dead or alive) a postcard. There are too many interesting people that have come and gone that I'd like to communicate with. I mean, Malcolm X,Marilyn Monroe, MLKJ, Cleopatra, Moses, Obama, Bill Gates, Spike Lee...

I wrecked my brain for a quick second to figure out who I wanted to write. In middle school I did a book report on Hatshepshut (one of the very few successful female pharaohs of Egypt) and I've been obsessed with becoming the ruler of the world ever since. (Probably doesn't help that my ancestors are from Egypt anyway. I could've been related to King Tut or something, haha.) She ruled for about twenty two years. One of the more interesting parts of the story is when her step-son Thutmose ends up killing her. Nobody knows for sure, there wasn't enough evidence to prove that he killed her, then there are stories that said he poisoned her. (Sounds like some soap opera type stuff if ya ask me)...

ANYWAY, so if I could write a postcard to her, this is what I would write:

Dearest Hatshepsut,

How ya doin?! So I wanted to pick your brain about ruling the country. (I plan on running the planet one day and I need some advice.) How did you deal with your son trying to kill you? (Well- obviously not that well...) What tips would you give a young girl hell bent on ruling the world? If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently? Who should I keep as my right hand man or should I have one? Have I missed anything? Do inform.

Thanks Hatsy!


Ok I probably won't call her Hatsy but that's a long ass name to include on a 3x5 postcard mmkay?
So sound off. Who would you try to contact if you could? What would you ask?

Thanks EmDottie for such a hilarious post, and do check out her blog. It is very interesting, cool layout, some of THEE best topics!!! To see who I'd write, check out The Ginge... like NOW :-)


EmDottie said...

Haha thanks Gab :)

Josh Healy said...

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