Jul 16, 2010

There's Nothing Like a Challenge

It's hard being at the bottom of the totem pole... bottom of the barrel... bottom of the food chain... being the intern, that is. Being the ONLY intern. But I guess I'm better off than the temps since I'm actually on the company's payroll.

Speaking of temps, there's one in our department who has been there since January. He's kinda like the permanent temporary employee, so to speak. Bad thing is, well bad for him... good for me- I'm taking all of his work, which means that sooner than later he'll be getting the boot. On top of that, there were 5 positions open in our department; 4 of which have been filled by newcomers. The 5th by me... so, where does that leave permanent temp??? Hitchhiking on the side of Corporate Dr. It's definitely an awkward feeling knowing that everything that you are learning once belonged to someone else, and that person is slowing watching their responsibilities and duties being taken away from them. Soon, they'll be taking his laptop and stapler away from him. Poor permanent temp :-(

Well, I get an invite to a meeting about 3 days ago informing me that I'd be taking over some account reconciliations, and will be responsible for them this month forward. There are 6 accounts to be exact; I guess they believe in my capabilities enough to give me such a significant amount of work to do. So I get into the meeting today, and it played out just as I thought it would. Everything was basically laid out for me.. the basic format, what to look for, the file paths, etc. I won't lie, I was excited. This is the first real accounting duty that I've had. The past 4 weeks that I've been at MC, it's basically been file maintenance, scanning, disposing of and transferring fixed assets. But now, I have a true responsibility each month- my 6 reconciliations are kinda like my babies. I have to look over them and maintain what happens to them, nurture them... feed them with journal entries, and clean up after their mistakes.

It wasn't until about 1.5 hrs into the 2 hour meeting that my adrenaline rush was stabbed in the neck with a sharp, unidentifiable object. Remember being a kid and after misbehaving, you have your game taken from you or you're told that you can't go play outside. Yea, that's how I felt when I was told that 4 of my babies were cake walks... simply plug and chug recon's, copy and pasting formulas. No real investigative work going on there. So I'm sitting there with 4 super easy recon's and 2 that will kick my ass come Monday.

It almost felt like they were taking my job back from me. Weird, I know... one cool thing though is that one of my accounts is an accrued litigation account ~aka~ a pending lawsuit that I'll be monitoring!

Hmmm... I'm definitely looking forward to that, and the return of my boss who I'm sure will have plenty for me to do since she's been out of the office for the past 4 days!


Pretty Unfamous said...

That's kind of sad for PermaTemp, but with temp work, you know it's not gonna last forever. He'll move on to his next job. He should have applied though, when there were openings!

Girl About Business said...

LMAO, PermaTemp! I love it! Yea, I guess those are the joys of being a temp. He seems to be a little more optimistic, hoping they'd offer him one of the open positions. Unfortunately, they didn't.

The Ginge said...

I just joined Bloggerstock and it seems you might have, too, it looks like you'll be posting on my blog! So I thought I'd introduce myself-- hello, I'm Elyse. I like what I've read here so far (Internship and learning about the work environment is really interesting!). Stop by my blog sometime or send me an email and tell me some things about yourself so I can give your post an introduction. I'm looking forward to my first Bloggerstock!
P.S - Poor guy! but, "everything happens for a reason, no?"

jessalyn said...

i can totally understand being excited for the new accounts, and having the sads when you found out they are easy peasy accounts, but look at it this way, you will totally kick their ass, then they will be like "you do such a rad job, we are going to give you more accounts!"

also, now that i have been doing this for four years, i kind of love my easy accounts- they are perfect for hungover or extra sleepy mornings :)

Girl About Business said...

Yes, Jessalyn... I've definitely been kicking ass on those accounts. I started with like 4, now I have about 15 on top of some month-end closing items. I've definitely gotten the swing of things, and have found my planner to be quite useful. As well as my Outlook calendar... the way it looks now, you'd think I've been there for years now. But I'm definitely excited for it all :-) In what area of accounting do you work? I love hearing about people's experiences and positions in the field!

FreenDreezy said...

So glad I'm not a temp! We all gotta start somewhere tho right lol I'll be following your blog now! Will you follow mine, you might like it? http://freendreezy.blogspot.com

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