Jul 17, 2010

100th Post = Amazing Giveaways

See bottom of post...

So, remember back in March when I posted the 100 Random Factoids about GAB? Well, if you scroll allll the way down to #101 you'll see that I mentioned a giveaway to celebrate my 100th post, so here it is!

To show my appreciation for all of my readers, all of the comments that you make, all of the insight that you give, all of your friends that you send over to my blog to follow me... I'm giving away $100 worth of prizes today. That's right... $100 big smackaroos!

Now, why would I have such a huge giveaway? Well, first off my blog gives me an immense amount of inspiration. It is usually an email that I receive or a comment that someone left that fuels my new topics. Secondly, this isn't a giveaway blog... so a once-in-a-while giveaway is perfectly fine with me. I'm not in the business of luring people by giving things away, otherwise I'd be doing this all the time. I'm not looking for additional clicks, because I don't advertise on my blog (except for my own personal ads, hehe). I love to be associated with, even if it is through my blog, with relatable people that appreciate my content. 100 posts is a definite milestone for me, and I appreciate all of you who have followed me on my journey and will continue to read what I have to say!

Enough with the gibberish... here's what I'm giving away:

 1 Year Subscription to my fav magazine, COSMO

 (I love LC, hence the cover of her and not Britney Spears)

One of my favorite books, one that I live by- On My Own Two Feet by Manisha Thakor... def must read

$20 gift card to Panera Bread

$15 gift card to Walmart

Here's how you can win one of these awesome prizes... simply comment on this post. It could be anything about GAB, something you love about my blog... something you dislike about it... what you'd like to see more of... topics that interest you that you'd like featured... Just comment, and you'll be entered into the drawing (random generator). Tell your friends about it, link to this giveaway through your blog, post it on your FB page, or twitter... whatever!

Giveaway ends Friday, July 23rd 30th, 2010 at 11:59 EST.


Anonymous said...


I love GAB because you tell it like it is when it comes to the work enviorment. I love that you talk shit about your co-workers and that you stay focused on the bigger goal = your future.

TOAR loves GAB!

Pretty Unfamous said...

Yay! Congrats with your 100th post =)

I like your blog because I'm at a transition in my life, growing up and finishing college, just starting my "adult" life on my own with my frist real job. I like reading about other people in my situation and what they learn from it.

Janneke said...

i'm SO glad you're blogging again! I've missed ya girl! you're rants, updates, jokes and stories! yay!
winner or not, i must definitely get my hands on that book. it seems like the PERFECT thing for me to read right now!
yay for GAB! :)

Jess said...

Hi GAB! You found me on 20sb so I moseyed on over to check out your page, and apparently just in time for this contest. (By the way, I LOVE Cosmo. Just putting it out there in the universe...)

After reading a few of your posts, I must say that there are a number of things I find interesting. I like your honesty in topics, even when it might come off as rudely sarcastic (which is one of my favorite qualities in a person). I like that you acknowledge the gifts your mother gave you growing up. I love that you can admit your fears of being on your own. Mostly I just really like the way your posts flow. Your writing style just smoothly goes along, keeping me reading until all of a sudden I've read the entire page (which I did, and was surprised).

So kudos to you, and even if I don't win, I will definitely be following! Cheers!

Nicole said...

Love it! Thanks for checking out my blog! Love the chance of winning somethinng too!

Kyra said...

Cheers for getting to 100 posts! :D I hope to join you there eventually. (I also like winning things! heh)

At any rate, first of all, I like that you reached out to me on my Very First Day as a 20sb member. I also like that you are detailing a transitional state in your life so well - it conjures up memories for me, especially of a time where I was not consistently blogging and cannot go back and look at what I was doing.

Additionally, I am all for strong women making their way in corporate!

jessalyn said...

you added me as a friend on 20sb, and i am so glad you did!

i am a bookkeeper- still pondering going for my cpa, maybe someday. also, i too love lc, so clearly we should be new best friends.

congrats on your 100th post! i will definitely be back for numbers 101+++!! :)

maiah said...

First, congrats on 100 posts and a successful blog!

As for the giveaway - having just discovered you via 20sb, I am fairly new to your blog but I can tell you what I love right away: I love that you seem to be a source of inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom for women looking to figure out how to "grow up". the concept is still a mystery to me. that said, i think your blog is a great source for women when they need help working it all out. keep it up!

Guilty of Gossip said...

Awesome giveaway and congrats on your 100th post!
What I love about GAB is the honesty about the life of a working girl! :)Of course the gossip side of me would love to hear more inter-office drama! hehe

Jen said...

Hey! You added me on 20sb, so of course, I clicked on to check out your blog. I like it because it seems like we're at pretty similar points in our lives... doing our best to pay the bills and live on our own.

I'm adding you to my blogroll :)

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