Jul 30, 2010

GAB Rant: Nasty Mess

So the other day, I'm being nosey over in my coworker's cube... I mean, I was really looking for a pair of scissors.

See, she's been out of the office for 2 weeks... 1 week on vacation, 1 week at another one of our locations. However, in between her 1 week vacation and 1 week of work, she stopped by the office to "check up on some things".

 Yes, that is what we call here in America mold

So you mean to tell me that she didn't see this shit sitting next to her keyboard like I did? Or she just didn't care to clean it up? I'm still trying to figure out how you leave a half cup of coffee on your desk pre-vacation. I like order and cleanliness, and my coffee cup is of importance to me. I like a clean coffee cup when I walk into work, I hate disgusting ass coffee rings in my cup, and I despise people who have the mentality that there-was-coffee-in-it-before-so-I-can-just-add-more-coffee-on-top-of-the-gross-rings-and-yesterdays-last-bit-of-coffee!

I mean, to each it's own... but there is a such thing as cubicle etiquette, even when it's your own cubicle. Don't believe me? Check out the forum I started about cubicle etiquette at 20somethingbloggers. If you're not a member already, you probably should be. I'm just saying :-)


Jess said...

That's so disgusting! A few years ago while working at a law office, me and my friend kept smelling something awful but we couldn't find the source. As the days went on the smell got stronger and stronger so that we could tell it was from the vicinity of this particularly heinous woman's cubicle.
As soon as she left for lunch we went to her desk and started looking for the source. Her desk was one of those awful messes that you're embarrassed for clients to see. After about 20 minutes of searching, we found FIVE coffee cups that looked just like the one you posted. All with mold. Nasty!

Girl About Business said...

Tell me about it! Luckily, it didn't start to smell. I wanted to be a nice cube neighbor and clean it out for her, but I wanted her to see that mess. Hopefully it doesn't happen again :-/

jessalyn said...

ew. that is the grossest thing ever.

so wait. people really pour coffee in used coffee mugs?? i work in a small office with only a few other people, so i don't see craziness like that. that's just ick.

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