Sep 2, 2009

GAB sees Bling!

I figured I'd see weird things everyday at my new internship, or rather odd things I should say!

Our office is located in the basement of the building (no sunlight, eh?!), between the registration office and the financial aid office. Therefore, we see just about every student that makes their way into the basement of the building. There are also computer labs and the student ID photo booth down there, so it's jam-packed from 7a until well after I leave at 4:30p!

For these past three days, I've been learning a mix of jobs. Mostly the job of the last intern whose last day was yesterday, and the remainder dealing with students who have questions about their accounts. While sitting at the window yesterday, I seriously thought I was looking at something off of a VH1 reality show or something. It was roughly 75 degrees outside, and not a cloud in the sky. Why was there a girl wearing rubber rain boots??? I'm sorry, and I'm no fashionista, but dress appropriately or run the risk of looking like a complete idiot!

No doubt her rain boots were multi-colored to match her radical baby doll tee... but she also had on one of these bracelets in every color that was on her boots. Red, pink, dark green, lime green, yellow, orange, blue, sky blue, etc. I mean, she seriously bought out the beauty supply store of all of their rinky-dink bracelets. And I know these came from the beauty supply because I laughed at them one day when I saw them, thinking to myself "what person would really wear this clunky mess on their risk?", rolled my eyes and kept going. Obviously, she LOVES them!

That made my day LOL!


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