Sep 8, 2009

GAB's W.O.W- They May Never Know...

GAB's W.O.W is a monthly feature that will provide insight into a particular issue, and maybe help some of my readers. These will usually be things that affect myself or people around me. Enjoy!

Sometimes it's hard for people who've never had to struggle to understand a person who's struggling...

I know this to be true because I once had to have this conversation with my boyfriend. It was one of our more difficult arguments. One day I mentioned to him that I started to save money. Given my financial circumstances for the past 3 years or so, I was proud to say that to him. However, our levels of understanding the term 'saving' were a bit skewed. It meant a lot to me to place my entire paycheck into my savings account and not have to worry about paying any bills late, because this time they'd been paid early :-)

That is one of the ways in which I struggle. Like many other college students, I struggle to juggle bills and pay for books/tuition. I drive a used car that I pay a note on, so we know that that costs money each year. My mom and I basically take care of my grandmother and are responsible for getting her to work every day. It's a lot; more than what my bf vouches for. I'm not saying this is a negative manner, we just live two different lives. I have my issues and he has his.

So, last night when I overheard his younger bro's gf crying because of her situtation, I wanted to console her. She went on to tell his little bro that she wishes that he had to deal with the things that she deals with. I understand where she's coming from. You want the person you're in love with to understand you; in a sense you want for the two of you to walk in the same shoes. But in all actuality, things will never be that way. The ones who struggle will never understand why people are selfish and self-consumed, and vice versa.

It is really something hard to deal with, and the resolution comes with time. When you are 100% happy with your life, there will be no need to be flustered about things and soon those tears will be of joy. We have to appreciate the life we were given, and remember where we came from. Only then will we be appreciative of where we're going in life.
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