Nov 19, 2009

The Power of Initiative

I know I've been hiding under a rock lately, and that is due to a few factors. My relationship with my boyfriend has been a little rocky, I recently had to drop a class :-( and my mom hasn't had a car for almost 2 months, causing me to rely on everyone for a ride to work and school.

Well, since I had to drop a class, I'll have to retake it next semester along with the other 2 classes that I was already scheduled to take. That is a recipe for disaster, which leads me to my point. I've been catching on pretty well to my work in Accounts Receivable at my job, and was really looking forward to sticking with what I know next semester. But there's a slight dilemma. The other intern also wants to stay in Accounts Receivable for our second term. But one of us has to go.

On Tuesday, we both had an interview with the Accounts Payable department. It seems as though they were really encouraging me to come to their office due to my high level of experience, and the fact that having AP experience would really boost my resume.

Now, I'm really excited to find out which one of us was selected to go to AP next semester! Even though it'll be a change of pace and atmosphere, I really think I'd enjoy it. I'm always up for a challenge!
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Very nice post, GAB.

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