Oct 16, 2009

GAB Rant: Interracial Dating

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This subject may be a tad bit touchy for some of my readers. However, it is an extreme issue in my opinion. I am in an interracial relationship and recently (today actually) stumbled upon an article that I believe to be complete CRAP!

Here's the link: CRAP!

Since when does it become OK for a justice of peace official to dictate who he/she will or will not marry. That's a serious issue in my opinion! Aren't there laws out there to prevent such ignorance?

I mean seriously, this guy denied an interracial couple a marriage license because he was 'looking out for the offspring'. Really??!! If people have an issue with interracial couples and their children, then that's the problem of that individual. Such couples should not be denied the right to be officially married simply because society doesn't accept interracial children.

I have interracial friends, and I don't treat them any different than I treat my other non-interrational friends. I know that doesn't mean that everyone in the world will be like me, but neither does it give me the right to discriminate against them because of who their parents are. That's a serious issue with society today; people are too worried about what society thinks! Who cares??? People make up society, therefore it is the ideals of the people that form the perception for the whole. Action needs to be taken against idiots who believe that they have the power to regulate and create their own laws.

I understand that this particular justice of peace THOUGHT he was doing the right thing, but what person in their right mind really thinks that?

I guarantee that if my current relationship does result in marriage, there is ABSOLUTELY no way that I will tolerate such belligerent behavior from someone whose job title includes the word 'peace'! At that point, you definitely need to go over that persons head! The law should be uniform, and the last time I checked there was a high percentage of uniformity in the US. He should receive the most severe punishment, whether that includes jail time or losing his job.

Was he really upholding the standards of his title/position, or was he misusing his power and breaking the law? What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

This is nearly the year 2010. Our culture isn't changing, IT HAS CHANGED. Interracial dating and marriage are SUDDENLY acceptable to a huge swath of the population. I don't know if it was Obama to make us realize culture, not race, divides us. Or maybe we have reached critical mass with couples living as personal examples to us which finally disarmed us. Or maybe we have finally stopped to notice each other on a personal basis-the girl or guy at work is more like me than different than me...melanin in the skin be damned!
I don't know any of this for sure, but I know that interracial dating, mating, marrying, and procreating are here to stay -- and they should be. Several polls show there has been a sea-change in American thought on this. Finally, after 325 years, we are melding as one people. It is a relief to see.
Oh, and for that Justice of the Peace from Louisiana? Well, he has been removed from the bench, and the governor wanted him gone--he was an embarrassment to the state. He resigned "under pressure." Of course, the JOP was a racial bigot and about 40 years behind the times.

Girl About Business said...

I most definitely agree with you! Times have changed, and so must people. Interracial dating shouldn't be looked at as a fad, because it is far from it. Many people are jumping on the bandwagon just because, without really realizing their true happiness with a person of another race.

And I kept up with the racist animal from Louisiana. I'm so glad that he lost his job, reputation, and whatever else went down the drain with his irrational act of ignorance.

Dating said...

Many people are jumping on the bandwagon just because.

Inter Racial Dating said...

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hue said...

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Anonymous said...

Interesting topic! I tend to read about interracial dating because I find it very helpful.

african girl said...

Interracial dating nowadays is accepted by a huge bunch of societies. It is now part of our daily lives though we can't deny the fact that there are certain people who are against to this one.

I am a black woman and happily married to a white man and most of my friends too are happily married with their husbands. It doesn't matter really if there racist people who always criticize you as being married to a different race, what matters most is that I'm happy of what I am and whom I'm with.

kin lim said...

love comes within the inside and race has totally nothing to do with it...
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