Oct 2, 2009

Aldo Goes Green!

This entire week I've worked an early shift, so the other intern and I have been spending our lunch breaks together... Shopping! This turned out to be a great thing since both of our birthdays were this week. That's right, GAB turned 22! And so did Intern Girl.

Anywho, so what better thing to do than shop! We did a lot of window shopping this week until today. I had the urge to treat myself considering I hadn't did much for my bday but pay bills :-(

I invested in a really cute sweater and an adorable pair of black flats from Aldo. What amazed me with Aldo was their innovative 'bags', which are nothing more than your shoe box with a string handle on one end! How freaking cute, and a very unique way to go green...

What are some other small things we can do to help the environment? Share your ideas!
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