Oct 13, 2009

The Truth About Sweetest Day!

A few days ago I mentioned to my boyfriend that Sweetest Day was around the corner. Him, forgetting dates as usual, had no idea that sweetest day was coming up. I'd be lucky to get him to remember our anniversary. Anywho, he mentioned to me that Sweetest Day is for the guys, while Valentine's Day is for the girls. Now, this wasn't the first time that I'd heard such gibberish, but I really wanted to know the significance behind Sweetest's Day.

What I found is very astounding! Sweetest Day is really about doing something 'sweet' for another individual; doing good deeds out of the kindness of your heart. It's about showing people that you really care about them, and since most people associate caring with gift-giving... there you go!

There's no wonder that our University hosts volunteer events every Sweetest Day! It's amazing that I was really freaking out about what I should get my boyfriend this year! Who am I kidding??? I'll get him something, along with my parents and siblings :-) Anddddd, if I'm not swamped with studying this weekend, I'll also volunteer!

How will you celebrate Sweetest Day???


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cool beans

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