Mar 3, 2010

Coworker Confessions: Mrs. Did You Just Say Something?

Introducing Mrs. Did You Just Say Something?

Where do I start with this woman? When I started at this particular job, she wasn't a member of our team although she had been before. Soon after, she switched positions with someone else and became my new coworker. Everyone in the office was very ecstatic about her return. She was always the "sweetest person to work with", and not saying that she isn't... but for goodness sake. This woman has more brain farts than any other person that I've ever encountered! If she turns her head and you are looking toward her, out her mouth comes the infamous question "did you just say something?" HELL NO! I didn't say anything the last time you asked that question. The number of times I hear the words "oh" and "um" come out of her mouth are countless. It's like she has a small person in her head telling her to ask another dumb question! It's simply pathetic... She is a very nice person I must say, but her ditzyness outweighs her ability to WOW me. I had to learn to turn her volume all the way down.

Am I the only person whose had to deal with a coworker that acts clueless or ditzy?


Ellen said...

Wow, I'm surprised that being so NICE has earned her such a popular status at work. Usually the nicest people at work get taken advantage of. (No, I'm not bitter).

Girl About Business said...

Ellen Don't get me wrong, she is definitely a sweetheart and we all work together but goodness the ditzyness can really put a damper on a person's day! Thanks for reading dear...

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