Dec 5, 2010

I Won 2 Blog Awards!

How shitty is it that I won a blog award wayyyyyyyy back in August and September, and I'm just now acknowledging them??? But better late than never right!

So here goes... I was awarded by It's All Random, who by the way has a bomb blog! Love it... and thank you!

I'm supposed to thank the person who awarded me, sum up my blog in 5 words, and nominate 10 other wonderful bloggers...

5 words to sum up my blog: SPORATIC, exciting, truthful, beneficial, inspirational!

10 other wonderful bloggers... (I'll get back with this, since I've been absent from the blogosphere)... I promise!

I was also awarded by my good friend Thoughts of a Randomista- love this chick! She gave me the BFF Award:

Excerpt about me for this award:

"The BFF award goes to my good friend Girl About Business. Gab is a really a great friend all around. If you need someone to rant to about work, relationships or just someone to kick the shit with, she's your girl! I love her blog because since her and I are in the same professional field, Gab gives good advice about what to do when you are in a weird position. Her stories are witty and hilarious. Plus, she was the first person who actually encouraged me to blog! Gab, thank you so much! I appreciate you!"

Thank you Boober!


Anonymous said...

What you know how to still blog? Lol jk

Md. Saiduzzaman said...

"Thanks for your nice post . I hope I will see this type of post again in your blog" .

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