Dec 16, 2010

A Little Flirting Goes a Long Way

Christmas is around the corner, and departments are shuffling to host their annual Christmas parties... Our company is no different! We've had Ugly Sweater parties, Charlie Brown Christmas parties, Secret Santa parties. You name it, we've had it.

Nonetheless, these events consists of a bunch of jolly people spending hours in the kitchen the night before preparing potluck dishes. Now I'm no fan of potlucks due to an issue at my last company's holiday party, but I participated again this year. Hey, it's free food!

Anywho, apparently the IT department at our company had a rather large party yesterday, the same time as our Secret Santa party. They were baking cookies in the dining kitchen, heating up platters. Mind you, a business is ran through this kitchen- it's our cafeteria! They were definitely violating... Well, we ran into the kitchen culprit on our way to warm my delicious mac and cheese when she stopped us to say "are you warming up food? Be careful because the chef is being a real asshole. He's been biting my head off left and right. He is NOT in a good mood today". I wasn't worried, Keith (the chef) lovesssss me...

Sure enough, as the violator watched from the hallway, I pranced into the kitchen, gave Keith my prettiest smile and prolonged the pronunciation of his name "Heyyy, Keeiiiiittttttttthhhhhhhhh! Do you think you could warm this up for me?"

"Of course! Anything for you". Kitchen culprit stormed off, and our party went off without a hitch!

Girls, you better learn how to friendly flirt at work ;-)


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Jess said...

You're right. I love playing that card. Especially when it's done in the face of someone I don't particularly like. :)

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