Mar 16, 2011

Relocation... to do or not to do?

I'm not even going to lie, I suck at being a great blogger :-/ It is what it is though! When I have content, I do share :-)

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the country's 3rd largest city. That's right, Houston, Texas! Also known as H-Town. First things first, if you haven't visited Houston before- shame on you. I am embarrassed to admit that this was my first visit. I have family there, that once resided in Wisconsin. I missed them dearly, and thought that a trip to visit was in order.

After stepping off the jet and viewing the sunshine, I was sold. The next 3 days only added to my undying want to move from shitty Michigan. Anywho, as I learned over the next few days Houston had much more than sunshine to offer.

The quality of life is so much better. Upon approaching my cousins apartment building, I thought we were passing by a resort. It was that nice! Not to mention my other cousins apartment, fully equipped with valet parking, a theater, full gym/sauna/steam room, with a beautiful view pretty much Houston in its entirety. I feel a bit robbed here in Michigan. The value of your money in Houston goes much farther, so far that I'm actually considering moving there. Unlike other cities I've visited, I felt at home in Texas. I didn't feel separation anxiety from my parents, and I didn't feel alone because I already have family there.

Let me give you lovely readers what I call "you only live once" reasons for possible relocation...

Houston, TX...

There isn't much difference in salaries, but you definitely get more for your money. The price difference in the above apartments is about $400, but I can definitely justify the extra cost. Check out all the amenities included with the hot-to-trot spot in Houston:

You pretty much can't get this anywhere in Michigan... Texas-1, Michigan-0. In the words of Charlie Sheen... Texas is WINNING!

Have you ever visited a city or country that made you have a change of heart about your living situation?


Anonymous said...

My advice is to go where you really feel you would be happy and if that place is Houston, by all means, relocate when the time is right. I'm actually thinking of relocating myself.

Great blog, I'm following. Hope you stop by Alee's Perspective!

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