Aug 19, 2009

GAB Rant: Nastiness is Not Your Friend!

GAB Rant is where I'll rant and rave about minor and/or major occurrences that I experience around the office- or near the office, on a day-to-day basis! Enjoy :-)

Ladies- I can't speak for men because I don't share public restrooms with them. But ladies, if you're taking care of business in the ladies room, please don't rush out of the bathroom in embarrassment without adding a drop of soap or water to your hands. What's there to be embarrassed about? Everyone has bowel movements (excuse me, not my most endearing topic), and if you don't then something is wrong in that case.

It's absolutely disgusting for you to rush out of the bathroom, in fear that I'll see you and know that you were the one who cleared out the entire bathroom. However, I'd like it much more if you'd just excuse yourself, and do the proper thing. WASH YOUR HANDS! Wiping them off with paper towel does not equate to them being clean! I feel like I shouldn't even have to rant about this!

P.S. I saw your shoes ;-)



BoutiqueStitches said...

Completely agree!!!

Girl About Business said...

Isn't that the most disgusting thing ever?!

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