Aug 27, 2009

GAB wants ADVICE: Retreat Favor Ideas!

GAB wants ADVICE is a feature that I'll utilize to gain a little more insight about situations that I find myself in, or maybe advice for a friend. Please leave your advice and comments :-)

Did I mention that I'm a sorority girl??? Well, I am if you didn't know. I've taken on the role of Special Events Coordinator for our sorority, just to get my feet wet in the event planning industry. So I've been planning everything from talent shows, sisterhood retreats, formals, founder's day brunches, alum ceremonies, etc.

Well, this Sunday is our 3rd Annual Sisterhood Retreat and I have no idea what to dish out this year for favors! Here are the things I put together for the first two retreats:

Year 1: Note pads, sorority pens and candy bags... I know, kinda cheesy!

Year 2: Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie mix in cute, decorative jars... A step up from the year prior!

Year 3: Who knows... HELP!!!!


Sam S. @ home business opportunities said...

Ooops! I think I'm a little late for this advice but if it were not. Then, I would advice you to mix up the the 1 and 2 like decorative jars with candies on it.

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