Aug 4, 2009

I Suck at Working Out!

There's nothing in this world that makes my head hurt more than the idea of having to work out. I'm a very petite young woman, but I have a crazy sized tummy. I mean, you can tell when I've just had a hearty meal. My stomach tends to look about 2 months pregnant :-(

It kinda sucks since my BF works out almost everyday. I mean, he's always doing something. Running, biking, lifting, benching, curling, squatting, something! So, I guess I'm trying to keep up with him a bit just so we can have something to do together. Plus, I need to do it for myself, and he's my biggest motivation when it comes to working out. I never knew what a real workout was until last week...

Last Monday, my BF-turned-personal trainer had me jump rope 500 times! My legs were soooo tight the next day at work that I could barely rock my heels at work. But it definitely gave my legs the tone that they needed. I jumped rope again on Tuesday, and jogged about 5 blocks on Thursday. It wasn't much, but it definitely made me realize that working out IS a lot of work. I have to give my BF credit because he really does a lot.

Here's a great ab workout that you can in less than 5 minutes!!!

So, aside from attempting to eat healthier, I'm going to devote myself to working out at least once a week. My schedule permits that now, so there's no excuse!

I'll keep you guys updated with how that's going :-) Also, don't be afraid to let me know what works for you. Any exercise routines that you can do at home instead of hitting the gym?! I'd love to hear your stories :-)


aynzan said...

This is so motivating .I wish I could do some work outs.However much I try, half way through I give up.

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