Aug 21, 2009

GAB wants ADVICE: Lunch Ideas

GAB wants ADVICE is a feature that I'll utilize to gain a little more insight about situations that I find myself in, or maybe advice for a friend. Please leave your advice and comments :-)

A week from today I'll be leaving AH to embark on new territory. I'm ecstatic about this, but there's one dilemma. The founder of AH likes for the employees to be in the office at all times during the day, therefore the company purchases lunch for everyone, EVERYDAY! Obviously this won't be the case at my new job.

I'm in a bit of a pickle. I want to save more money and buy less junk/fast food for lunch. My biggest goal is to figure out some type of lunch plan for the week. I'd like to stay in the $20/week range and take a brown bag lunch to my new internship.

Any easy-to-cook, inexpensive lunch ideas?? More on the healthy side, please!!


kokostiletto said...

Yes! Salads are easy to make and you can keep a bottle of your fave dressing at work so you don't need to worry about it.... I like this because you don't need to boil or cook anything, you can throw everything together pretty quickly...

Sandwiches are also good ...

These may not be the healthiest but I buy really cheap frozen dinners sometimes (like lean cuisine) and bring those to work..

aynzan said...

Salads and sandwiches are great !

For salad : mix boiled potatoes, boiled chick pea( you can boil these previously and keep in the refrigerator ) with salad leaves ,sliced gerkins, tomatos and carrots. the dressing could be left at office like the previous comment states.


For sandwiches ,take a small canned tuna ( 50 grams) mix a cube or two of any butter, cheese spread , a little mustard spread,,salt and pepper to taste. Blend everything together to make a creamy paste, First slightly butter your sandwich slices, and then spread this mixture in each slice.Close with another slice, cut into rectangles and VOILA!!! Enjoy your lunch..Take your own water...

These are my favourites mid morning snacks

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