Aug 10, 2009

Taking Advantage!

Whew! That's usually the sound that I make after an exam, so yes, I just had a finance exam! And I think I aced this one as well; if not, I'm sure it's a high B.

Anywho, our supervisor is on vacation this week, so us interns are on a vacay as well. How sweet?! Not really though, because as happy as I am to have a break, I hate not making money. Nothing irritates me more than the thought of my next paycheck being short, and this time by an entire week's pay! YUCK!

But not to worry, at least not now! I called the CC where I'll be interning for the fall to find out my start date. Technically I'm not supposed to start until September 9th, but they want me to start next week! Go figure! So I'm super-stoked about that... Shopping for cute blazers and heels is underway. I sound like such a girly girl HAHAHA!

Since I won't be working this week, I'm going to take advantage of this free time. I'm usually spending my spare time with my boyfriend, but I'm going to try some new things this week. Starting TONIGHT! Tonight is 'Girls Night', so myself and one of my girlfriends will be getting together for strawberry daiquiries, manis and pedis, and a nice chick flick! That's a perfect night, especially since we rarely have any time to hang out.

Tomorrow is clean up day LOL. I'll be doing all of my laundry, dusting, cleaning out my car, etc. Wednesday... class, then who knows after that??? Thursday, I plan to sleep in and do some reading (personal, not educational). Friday, SHOPPING! Saturday, beauty salon for a cute new cut! Oh, and somewhere in between, take my mom to apply for school!

Sunday, relax with my bf because I can see that the ridiculous amount of time that we spend together will be cut short, very soon :-(


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