Aug 18, 2009

The Pressure Is On!

I'm going to cut right to the chase. From 9/06 until 6/09, I've worked for a tutoring office at my university as an Office Assistant. So there's no surprise, given the amount of time I'd been there, that my supervisor had grown attached to me.

She was a small, Russian lady with a thick accent, who moved to the States 12 years ago. Once I decided to move forward and take the internship at AH, I realized that I needed to help her find someone to replace me. I'd promised her that I'd stay the entire summer, but working 7 hours a week just wasn't going to cut it for a Girl About Business. So, my options were to either stay there and find a second job, or find a new job altogether. The latter won, obviously.

Off on a tangent: I had planned to return to my old job for the Fall semester, even if it was only for a few hours a week. See, I'm also a work-study student, so I can get a grant to cover tuition if I have an on-campus job. So that's my only reason for considering to stay. Anddd if all else failed with my current internship, or new internship, I'd have somewhere to rest my butt for bucks ($$). However, everything worked out! I got the new internship, paying more and more hours, AND in my field of study. So last Thursday, I made the dreaded call to my old supervisor to see how she'd been doing, and to give her the bad news! Yes, me not returning is BAD news to her!

After chitchatting for about 20 minutes, she kinda figured out from my joyous tone that I'd gotten a new internship, and I wouldn't be returning to work there. But, I forgot to mention, I found someone to work for her this summer and was expecting for this girl to be a little more mature. During our little chat, I learned that the girl is not eager to work, she's not a self-starter, and she's pretty much a bland character. All of which I had no idea of. So basically, I set my sweet little boss up with a LEMON!

She's now requesting 'SOMEONE LIKE ME' to fill the position for the Fall. I hate to admit it, but I don't know too many people who'd actually deal with her. Not in a bad way though! Like I said she's sweet (very), but she has a very thick accent and this makes her a little standoffish! She grew on me, seriously!

So this is going to be a hard task, since most people I know aren't qualified for work-study, already have jobs, or want something more exciting. What a dilemma... I hate to leave her hanging with that LEMON!


kokostiletto said...

I'm glad you finally told her - see not that bad right !

Girl About Business said...

No, it wasn't too bad. But I love her so, and she's a whiner lol... so I think I was preppy myself to hear her beg me to stay rather than to say that I'm leaving.

Dustin Carr said...

Well, I shall never forget his speech....thanks for posting anyway...

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Dustin Carr said...

Well, I shall never forget his speech....thanks for posting anyway...

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