Jul 7, 2009

About Me- There's More!

I didn't want to give it all away in the little 'about me' section allotted on the side of the page, so I'll dish out more of who I am and what I do... HERE! I'll also let you ponder as to my identity, just for a minute before I reveal my picture to the blogosphere.

In three words, I'm a student-intern-girlfriend! Therefore my days consist of reading, working, and hanging out with my boyfriend. So, here's some history behind all three of these fascinating facets of my life.

I am a SUPER Senior :-O, yes... I've turned a 4-year degree into a 5-year degree... maybe a 5.5-year degree. I am majoring in Accounting, and I used to question that decision quite often. Don't get me wrong, I love the field and everything it has to offer. I love learning about EVERYTHING accounting related. But I think we all go through that phase where we wonder, "do I really want to do this for the rest of my life?" Well, I went through that phase last year, and to say the least I got over it.

I currently intern at AH (I won't disclose the proper name of the company), in the accounting department. I do a bunch of data entry, posting journal entries, filing, analyzing expenses, and such! It's a desk job, I LOVE DESK JOBS believe it or not. I've been there for a little over a month, and frankly I wouldn't mind if they asked me to stay full-time after the summer. That would make my LIFE! I sit in an office with no window... just a HUGE mirror to look at myself occasionally when I'm bored. I'd love a window though, even if it only looks at the parking lot!

As far as my relationship, I won't divulge too much. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years, and things are going great. End of the story! You'll get the juice down the line... if you keep reading :-)

I've spent the last year of my life thinking of ways to make more money, move out on my own, and be a well-rounded woman that will be productive in society. So, I've started small. As far as my career goes, I've been teaching myself how to use a few programs that will add a little UMPH to my resume. I have also taken on a few volunteer opportunities. I was a part of the inaugural blogging class at my University, therefore I didn't have too much time to embark on my own blog. They also asked me to come back, so KUDOS to that! I have also been given the title of Volunteer Assistant Accountant with Reach One Teach One, and I'll be giving a little of my extra time to Looking For My Sister.

So what will I really be blogging about? A combination of everything that matters to me... issues with school, finding work, relationship drama (or lack thereof), fashion, friendship, fun, beauty... just about EVERYTHING! But mostly, I'll blog about my daily journey to becoming the woman that I want to be.

Stay tuned!


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