Jul 26, 2009

Finally... A Little Time to Relax

Lately, I've been one busy young lady! Running errands, picking things up, dropping things off, working, going to class, spending time with my boyfriend, interviewing, studying, tutoring, piloting a new website for our sorority, traveling, planning events, wrapping up old ones... YAWN!!! Just thinking about that list makes me tired. I find myself curling up in my boyfriends bed every Sunday, napping for hours.

Sunday is supposed to be the beginning of the week. For me though, it's the end of the week. That's how my body functions. All of the missed sleep from the week... I make up for that on Sunday. I barely have time for myself. But this is the life that I signed up for. Of course I could drop out of school, quit both of my jobs, and leave the sorority behind... but that's the life of a loser in my opinion.

I'm excited for the morning... why, you ask? Well, I don't work on Monday's and Wednesday's. Instead I go to class from 11:30-2:20p. But I can't remember the last time that I had absolutely nothing to do or somewhere to go before class on these days. Tomorrow will be the first morning that I can sleep in, snuggle with the boyfriend, catch up on some reading, eat breakfast... etc.

The rest of the week = I'm not too sure about. But I'll definitely bask in the ambiance of a beautiful morning tomorrow.

Last week (Thursday), I sat in another 3 hours of training for work, about how to run 8 different reports! What does this mean? Well, I'm closer to having to travel to different sites for work now. I'm not sure if I should be excited or not. I'm also not sure whether or not they'll be compensating me for my gas expenses. Oh well, that's the joy of work I guess. BTW, this is for that "Special Project" I'll be working on... hopefully it's really special!

Anywho, the remainder of that story will come with time.

Happy Reading!


IvyLi said...

Wow you sound like a busy young lady! I def understand. Thats how I felt in college. Maybe a little less running than you though! Keep on trucking!

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