Jul 10, 2009

Indisposable = The WOW Factor

Learning is something that I'm always involved in... whether it's on the job, in the classroom or in my personal time. I've had plenty of jobs, about 8 or 9 to be exact; there is one thing that I've learned from each of the positions that I held. That golden asset is how to be indisposable to a company or organization.

What do I mean by indisposable? I mean, be the asset that the company can't do without. Acquire traits that no one else has. Make yourself stand out. Go above and beyond the call of duty. Come in early and leave late. Be cordial, friendly, humourous, dependable. Go to work and actually do your work. Dress in a way that best represents the company as well as yourself. When you're not busy, offer to help someone who is falling beyond in their work. Offer your opinion when necessary. Always be truthful. Increase productivity, decrease costs. If possible, become the go-to person for something, like designing brochures or flyers, etc. In other words, offer something new to your place of employment.

When you do some of the things mentioned above, you will always stick out like a sore thumb. People will acknowledge and recommend you for bigger and better things. They know that you are more than able to get the job done. They trust your advice and insight. Make them NEED YOU, and when they need you they'll WANT to keep you around.

In all of my years of working and being in organizations, I have learned that I am valued. Hence the reason why I've never been fired, replaced, etc. And I'm always offered the opportunity to return if things don't work out for me in the future. People see the value in my work and they understand that people like that keep the ball rolling!

However, that also means that you should understand the areas in which you excel. You will never become an indisposable asset to a company if you don't even like working there or the people you work with. Why do you ask??? Because you're not putting all of YOU into your work. There are things distracting you from your work... maybe your annoying coworkers voice distracts you. Or you may not like your boss, which may cause you to slack in some areas. Trust me, people will notice!

So work on becoming indisposable, not only in the workplace, but in school, organizations, sports, etc. I know that I'll be working on perfecting the art of WOW!


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