Jul 9, 2009

Code Word: Special Projects

This morning was no different than any other. I scrambled to get out of bed, since my alarm clock forgot to go off. Go figure! I showered, attempted to perfect my hair, found clothes to wear, and darted out of the door with one minute left to spare in the parking lot of my job for..... MASCARA!

To my surprise though, the office was pretty much empty. Just my supervisor and one of the executive directors were in the office. So I thought today would be a very bland and boring day. Then I hear footsteps coming toward my office, and knew it was my supervisor coming with the usual 'hey, what's up. how was class?' spill, so I prepared myself. Instead, he tells me of a very special project that he'd like for me to work on for the remainder of the summer. How cool???

I'm thinking... is it another daunting Excel project that'll make my eyes hurt by the end of the day? Nooooooo! It's nothing like that! I'll be working with 3 residential properties, doing who-knows-what! But I'll find out in training today! Yes, TODAY at 9:30a, I'll be heading to our other location for training.



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