Jul 21, 2009

Mascara has Power!!!


Let me explain... In all of my years of attempting to figure out my skin, and what looks good/doesn't look too hot, I've come to the realization that I absolutely, positively cannot do without mascara!

It does for me, and possibly many others, what no other makeup can do- that's my opinion though! I use it daily to boost my lashes, being that they are really short and barely noticeable. My lashes are also very straight, they have very little curl to them. This disgusts me, simply because when I'm not wearing any mascara, my eyes look ridiculously tiny!

I never really noticed how small my eyes looked, until I started wearing mascara. Boy does it make a difference!

It makes you look more polished and alive! When I'm not wearing it, because my eyes are so small, I tend to look sleepy or tired. This obviously isn't a good look for the office; I always need to look my best! Therefore, I can't leave the house without CoverGirl LashExact Mascara in either black or very black!
The trick is to not OVERDO your makeup. You always want a fresh face, whether you're wearing makeup or not. You never, and I repeat NEVER want to look like it took you an hour to put on your face in the morning. Heavy makeup should only be used for nights out or if you absolutely need it. NOT FOR THE OFFICE! Can we say STAY PROFESSIONAL??? The same goes for perfume/cologne... NEVER TOO MUCH!

I'm using this picture because it really shows what mascara can do for you! You can find other interesing beauty tips here!


Suzy Q said...

Thanks for the tips!.. and I'll try that mascara because my 10x volume ISN"T

**note, to be able to see the box to type the captcha - i had to hit "tab" THEN the down arrow to be able to get to the box to type- it's not showing in the regular size box for some reason so you may be missing getting comments because of this

eyelash extensions montreal said...

Great post! Mascara really helps to frame the eyes :)

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