Jul 28, 2009

Gaining a Bad Case of Anxiety!

I emailed the internship director at my school to tell her about my interview this past Wednesday, and was informed that I should hear something back by the end of this week or early next week.

Talk about anxiety building up! I really want this internship, however, on the flip side- I wouldn't mind staying where I am. That's definitely the power of being a great intern/employee... you'll always have somewhere to go! If I decide not to stay here either, I always have first dibs on the hours at my old job. Obviously that wouldn't be my first preference, but I'd take it because I love(d) my old supervisor!

Barking on new territory is very different though. It definitely takes you out of your comfort zone. But doing this internship has taught me plenty of things that should be done in the office, and things that should not. I've also gained knowledge about property management. So, if I do decide to leave, at least I can take that with me. This summer has definitely padded my resume :-)

Any of you doing internships that you enjoyed? Didn't enjoy? Turned into a full-time position? Tell me about it!


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