Jul 16, 2009

Current Obsessions

Last week, while in a training session I couldn't help but to admire the handbags of the 9 women who accompanied me.

Now, if you're a purse person, you can tell a quality handbag from a mile away. You can also tell if a person is living outside of their means, just by the combination of purse + clothing they're wearing. But no, all of these women were dressed very nicely. Kate Spade, Coach, Louis Vuitton purses filled the room. I can't say so much for shoes, but who cares about shoes anyway? I do... sorry.

It was then that I looked down at my own bag, and realized that it was definitely time for an upgrade. I'm a small bag wearer, not really into the big hobo bags anymore. Nor am I into big hoop earrings or oversized clothing... so here are two bags from Coach that I'm looking at purchasing. Not both though! Come on now, I'm just an intern lol! And the color must be brown... so many pairs of brown shoes, not one decent brown bag! If you happen to stumble across any bags worth looking at, please let me know.

I'm also in love with the Jessica Simpson Collection... shoes, that is. I saw a pair at Marshalls about 2 weeks ago, and they looked EXTRAORDINARY on my feet. I should have taken a pick. But here is the shoe very similar to the one I tried on. I love these too though... I'll be making a few purchases in say... 3 weeks!

Enjoy my tidbit of taste


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