Jul 28, 2009

A Night Wasted!

A friend of mine had been promoting an event this past Friday for about a month and a half. So of course she asked all of her friends to come out and show their support. Why not? I really don't do too much partying anyway. Besides, I needed to celebrate my 93% on my Finance exam, and my job interview (that I hope leads to a new internship :-) ). My best friend also came to visit me on Friday, so we decided to go to the party together.

Shopping we went! We went to just about every store for our style at Twelve Oaks Mall, and barely found anything! I have to admit though, I'm usually behind season. I look for summer pieces late in the summer when I should be doing so in the spring! Oh well- a nice pair of jeans and some pumps would have set the night off right! Instead, I settled for a pair of jeans, waist-belt, porcelain flower necklace, cayenne-colored slacks for work, and a pair of cargo capris! Not too much of a shopping experience! I didn't even find what I was looking for...

To make a super long story short: the party was super whack, one of the security guards was a complete jerk, I hate drunk guys and house music, the dance floor was the size of my closet, I reeked of cigarette smoke when I left, the floor was carpeted, ENOUGH SAID!

My friends and I ended up leaving the party after about 45 minutes of sitting down, and we headed to MGM Casino to eat! Yummy- and my first time in MGM. From the looks of it, it won't be my last :-)


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